The Benefit of Yogurt for Acid Reflux

Yogurt and Acid Reflux

Does yogurt help acid reflux? You may wonder that question due to the fact that acid reflux has become the most common digestive problem that can be found the society. That question is also related to some foods that can treat acid reflux and should be avoid for acid reflux. Without clear information whether or not yogurt helps acid reflux, yogurt’s lover will be confused to keep consuming the yogurt or not. Generally, acid reflux is a condition when acid that is produced by stomach moving up into esophagus than causes some symptoms such as heartburn, sore throat, and other symptoms. Choosing the food that you consume wisely is one of the ways to reduce the risk of acid reflux. So, does yogurt help acid reflux or even make it worse? We are going to discuss yogurt in relation with acid reflux.

Yogurt and acid reflux

Yogurt has become one of the most favorite dairy products that are consumed by many people. Yogurt actually is a food that is made by fermenting the milk by using bacteria. The fermentation will produce an acid called lactic acid which gives the yogurt its texture and characteristic. Yogurt is rich of calcium, protein and vitamin D. Yogurt also contains probiotics which is the good bacteria that really helpful in digestive system.

In fact, yogurt is a type of food that can help acid reflux. Yogurt is a type of smooth and cool alkali food that will give calming effect on the esophagus. Yogurt also contained probiotic that is required by our digestive system and our immune system. Yogurts also contain calcium that is needed by muscle. Calcium can strengthen the circular muscle called Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) which is the muscle that influences acid reflux. Strong LES will help us in avoiding acid reflux. Yogurt is also a good source of protein that really helpful in avoiding acid reflux as the protein will help in digestive system to digest the food properly. Yogurt is really helpful in acid reflux because it will reduce the inflammation, so it will reduce also the pain and discomfort.

How to Use Yogurt for Acid Reflux

In using Yogurt for acid reflux there are some ways that you can be used to maximize the benefit of yogurt. First, you can consume low fat, plain yogurt. You can consume once or twice a day. Second, you can mix yogurt and ginger. Ginger is believed to help and boost yogurt in reducing the inflammation and providing better digestive system. Apply ginger by grating or cutting the ginger into small pieces and mixing the ginger into one cup of yogurt. You can consume it regularly. Another way, you can mix yogurt and fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies also contain some nutrients that are really helpful for digestive system. By mixing the yogurt and fruit smoothies, you can easily get many nutrients for the digestive system and it will help you to avoid acid reflux. You can also mix yogurt with some other foods or fruits such as cereal, banana, strawberry, nuts, etc.

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Does yogurt help acid reflux? Yes, you can use yogurt to get rid of acid reflux. By consuming yogurt regularly, it will be really good for digestive system. So you don’t have to worry to consume yogurt. Hopeful, this information will help your confusion.

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