Can yeast infections make you bleed? Read the Answer!

Can yeast infections make you bleed? Yes, it can. Yeast vaginitis or yeast infection is a vaginal infection caused by Candida fungus. Yeast vaginitis is characterized by itching and heat during intercourse or urination, and vaginal discharge. Yeast infection in general will not cause bleeding, except yeast infection of the skin that can cause a rash. If it left and scratched can cause injury and bleed (slightly).

Vaginal yeast infection may lead minor bleeding

A common case of yeast infection does not cause bleeding. This is a mild infection that you really do not have to worry about but do not let it go. The effect of yeast infection is usually the discomfort caused by unpleasant odors, vaginal discharge, and itching.

Bleeding (mild) in the vaginal area can be caused by several things.

  1. Hormone is not balanced

Unbalanced hormones can also cause vaginal bleeding. This can be caused by changes in eating habits, taking birth control pills, thyroid gland, and problems in the ovaries.

  1. Infection

Inflammation and bleeding in the vagina can also be caused by infection in the female reproductive organs. Yeast infection that is not treated immediately can cause urinary tract infections. This advanced infection can lead to mild bleeding. This is a rare case because yeast infections often heal by itself when the patient’s physical condition increases (immunity increases). Yeast infection will spread to cause urinary tract infection if the patient does not maintain vaginal hygiene, has weak immunity, and yeast infection caused by antibiotics or birth control pills. Some cases indicate that the negligence of patients and medical personnel in detecting the cause of yeast infection will further aggravate the infection and cause bleeding if it continues to spread to the urinary tract or other. This negligence is usually a failure of cause detection; Antibiotics are considered able to cure this disease so that instead of cure it will be more severe infection and spread.

  1. Contraception

Contraceptives for women that are done with a pair of tools on the vagina can also cause vaginal bleeding.


There are several precautions that can be done to prevent yeast infection

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the main thing to avoid this infection. Vaginal cleanliness should always be kept so that the amount of yeast is not excessive.

  1. Selection of underwear materials

Cotton is the right material for underwear. This material has a good air circulation so that your vaginal area will remain dry. Underwear should also be replaced, at least 2 times a day.

  1. Healthy life

Maintaining health can help improve endurance. Strong immunity will keep you from yeast infection, or at least suppress the possibility of this infection.

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There are several kinds of yeast infection treatment, but the treatment should be based on the knowledge and advice of the doctor. If necessary, perform a lab test to ascertain the cause and cure of the infection. The yeast infection patient should consult a specialist doctor and inquire about “Can yeast infections make you bleed?”

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