5 Tips for Working Out with Cold Sores

Cold sores are basically blisters that form on the lips because of a viral infection called herpes. Although you can get cold sores from both types of herpes, most people get them from herpes simplex type 1. Cold sores are often painful and filled with fluid. They are also contagious which means you can spread them to other people by means of touching someone else or rubbing your cold sores against them or a piece of equipment they might come in contact with. Once that happens, the cold sores will appear whichever part of the person’s body made contact with it. This not only includes the mouth, but also the fingers, nose, and chin as well.

If you normally go to a gym to workout and you develop cold sores for some unknown reason, then chances are you rubbed your skin against a piece of exercise equipment that was previously in contact with someone else’s cold sores. These cold sores will likely last for 2 to 3 weeks, which will not feel pleasant nor will it look pleasant.

The Top 5 Tips for Working Out with Cold Sores

Whether you have cold sores or are worried about contracting cold sores from someone else, there are certain things you can do during workouts to avoid getting them or transferring them. Below are the top 5 tips you should follow to help you with this.

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  1. Wipe Down Equipment – A public gym has many pieces of exercise equipment that are used by dozens of people each day. All it would take is for one infected person to rub their cold sores against a piece of equipment and then they would infect the next person who rubs their skin against it. That is why you need to always use an antibacterial wipe before and after you use any piece of exercise equipment. Most gyms will have either spray bottles or pre-coated antibacterial paper wipes that you can use throughout their facility.
  2. Wear Gloves – If you have cold sores on your fingers and you insist on working out at the gym, then you need to at least wear workout gloves that cover the entire length of your fingers. Otherwise, every piece of equipment you touch with your cold sore fingers will spread the virus around to whoever touches that equipment next. Of course, it will probably be a little bit painful to workout if your fingers have cold sores because it could be very painful. In that case, just do more lower body workouts until your cold sores have healed.
  3. Home Workouts – The ultimate way to work out carefully while having cold sores is to simply exercise at home. This might not be as exciting or fun because there is no one to socialize with, but at least you know that you won’t be infecting anyone and that no one can infect you either.
  4. Cardiovascular Workouts – Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, jogging, and running have so many benefits. For those suffering from cold sores, these exercises can actually help heal those sores a lot faster. At the same time, your central nervous system will release endorphins into the brain and make you feel a lot more relaxed. This will do wonders for helping your cold sores because stress would make them more inflamed. Just be sure to keep your cardio at a moderate intensity level. Anything too extreme will cause stress on the body and the cold sores.
  5. Night Workouts – If you’re embarrassed by how your cold sores make you look at the gym, simply go to the gym late at night when few other people go. You can usually do this with a 24-hour gym that gives you access anytime of the day or night. Then, you can avoid having a whole gym full of people staring at you and lowering your self-esteem.

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