What Type of Pre-Workout Supplements Do You Need?

It’s quite a disappointment to hit the gym only to realise that you don’t have the energy and concentration needed for the day’s routine. If it’s a one-off experience, it’s understandable. However, when it’s prolonged, it’d get you worried.

One of the main reasons why this happens is the lack of adequate supply of some essential minerals in the body. Caffeine and proteins are usually the main culprits. Luckily, you can supplement their supply if you’re not getting enough of them from your diet. Because you need the energy to get you going in the gym, a pre-workout supplement would be the most ideal.

But even as you set out to buy a pre-workout supplement, it’s critical to understand that not every pre-workout supplement is good for you. Some aren’t made under the scrutiny of reputable health experts, while others contain a lot of artificial ingredients that may end up being detrimental to your health. The best type of pre-workout supplements are those that contain protein and amino acids. Try to buy only those pre-workout supplements that are manufactured by a reputable company.  

Below are some of the best pre-workout supplements you can use and attain amazing results.

Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard Pre-Workout

If you’re interested in attaining amazing results in the gym, you may want to try out Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard Pre-Workout. This pre-workout supplement has a name for power and focus. It contains caffeine and The N-Acetyl Tyrosine, ingredients that work to help you achieve top performance even in very intensive workouts.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

If you’re exercising with the focus of gaining muscles, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is a great choice. It contains both normal protein and Branched-Chain Amino Acids, which is known to help your body in the normal internal protein production, which will give you extra power in the gym. Some of the other ingredients available in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey pre-workout supplement are Soy Lecithin, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, and Lactase. It also contains calcium, sodium, fat, and cholesterol.     

Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged

Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged is a pre-workout that’s made under the stewardship of top scientists using top-notch body science. Many people love Kaged Muscle because it contains organic caffeine and fermented protein to make digestion easier. The Vitamin Shoppe voted Kaged Muscle – Pre-Kaged the best pre-workout supplement in 2018. It doesn’t contain any form of artificial colouring or flavours, neither does it have any unhealthy ingredients.


Pre-Jym is made by JYM Supplement Science, a company owned by Dr. Jim, a well-known muscle building and fitness enthusiast. All the ingredients used to make Pre-Jym, including BCAAs, Citrulline Malate, Caffeine, N-acetyl L-cysteine, and Tyrosine, are carefully picked by Dr. Jim. In this pre-workout supplement, Dr. Jim doesn’t use any fillers, artificial ingredients, or proprietary blends. It remains among the most sought after pre-workout supplements because of the amazing results it delivers to its users.

Cellucor – C4 Original

If you’re looking for an affordable pre-workout supplement that will also give you great results, you may want to consider Cellucor – C4 Original. It uses caffeine for energy boosting and creatine nitrate for enhanced gym performance without losing muscles. C4 Original helps you endure intensive muscle pumps, putting you on a clear path towards great results over a very short period. Some of its ingredients are Arginine AKG, caffeine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Theacrine. 

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