The Benefits of Vegemite for Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers on the mouth are never a pleasant thing. There are all kinds of ulcers like cold sores, mouth sores, tongue inflammation, herpes, and so on. The common symptoms of mouth ulcers include small bumps on the lips, around the lips, or on the tongue. These bumps could even be painful and irritating on a consistent basis. The common ways that people develop mouth sores include accidentally biting their tongue, chewing tobacco, having sharp dentures or braces, a viral infection, or accidentally burning their mouth and tongue from hot food or water.

The good news is mouth ulcers are only temporary and won’t affect your overall health. But what they will do is make your life miserable for about a few weeks because of all the discomfort you have to put up with from them. Fortunately, there are home remedies which can alleviate these symptoms and make you feel better as you wait for the mouth ulcers to go away. One popular home remedy is something called vegemite.

The Top 2 Benefits of Vegemite for Mouth Ulcers

Vegemite is a food spread that was developed in Australia and is comprised of brewers’ yeast and a lot of different vegetable additives and spice additives. However, as a topical treatment for mouth ulcers, it can work quite well to reduce the symptoms. The two main ingredients of Vegemite that allows it to work so well as a treatment are the salt and yeast ingredients. You simply rub the Vegemite paste onto your mouth ulcer and then let it do the rest.

Vegemite might come from Australia, but it is available worldwide in most developed countries. You can also purchase it over the internet on websites like Amazon as well. But before you go and purchase Vegemite, it is important that you understand the main benefits it has for dealing with mouth ulcers. Below are the top 2 benefits.

  1. Numbs Pain – After the Vegemite paste is applied to the mouth ulcer, the yeast and salt ingredients cause the “cortisol” steroid hormone to get released in the body. Once that happens, you will start to feel numbness instead of pain from the mouth ulcer. This will only be temporary, so you’ll have to regularly apply the Vegemite until the mouth ulcer ultimately goes away. The great part is that Vegemite is a more natural treatment than over-the-counter or prescription medications which have a lot of harmful chemicals in them.
  2. Prevention – There is plenty of vitamin B in Vegemite. Vitamin B is good for preventing mouth ulcers from forming in your mouth area. It does this because Vitamin B helps increase the strength of the body’s immune system and brain function. This will, in turn, cause the body to stop mouth ulcers from forming. So, if you already have mouth ulcers and they’ve cleared up, this doesn’t mean you should stop using Vegemite or else they might come back again. However, if your primary goal is preventing mouth ulcers, then you should get the Vegemite that has “reduced salt” because this version of the product has more Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

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More Information

Vegemite is recommended for treating mouth ulcers because countless numbers of people have experienced relief from their mouth ulcer symptoms by using it. However, there is no official scientific study or medical claim which suggests that vegemite actually works. That is why Vegemite is still considered just a home remedy rather than an actual medical treatment. Of course, doctors wouldn’t want to admit the truth because it would take business away from them if more people knew that such a simple and affordable treatment for mouth ulcers existed out there.

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