Valley Fever Recurrence Symptoms: For People and Animals

Valley fever recurrence symptoms can be dangerous and fatal if you don’t do specific treatment and medication. Although this fever is known only happen for animals in farms, but actually valley fever can infect human and even, make it getting worse. In a fact, many death cases happened because there is no awareness about the symptoms of valley fever.

On this article, we will give you description about symptoms of valley fever, both for animals and people. By reading these symptoms, we wish you to be care for your own condition and avoid the infection.

Valley Fever Symptoms For Animals

First, valley fever symptoms for animals. Commonly, this disease is easily infect animals because Culicoides pipiens pr Aedes taeniorhinchus virus.  Mostly, the animals that easily infected with valley fever are goats, lambs and cows, but it can also infect another farming animal. They will experience heavy fever, low appetite on foods, weak body condition or in a worse condition, they will get diarrhea that won’t get stop in a few days.

Many reasons why it can infect the animals, it can come through contacting with blood or another infected animal. That is why valley fever is often becoming one fatal disease many farmers are scared of, because the contamination is really easily infect anyone and anything.

To prevent animals from valley fever, usually animal will be taken care for incubation and separate them from another healthy animal. There is also process of cleaning and disinfectant to stop the contamination. Animal doctor is a necessary to call so they can diagnose, prevent and take care the infected animal for better condition. Very important for farmers to read the early symptoms of valley fever on their animals to make sure the possibility of the animals survive to be alive.

Valley Fever Symptoms For People

For people, valley fever also can happen and even can be more dangerous if there is no further medication. The symptoms can be seen if they experience fever, cough, sore throat and chest pain. In worse condition, they can also get weight loss significantly. People with valley fever is also often experience night sweats and regular headache, and there is red bumps or rashes spot on the skin. If you feel this happen to you, don’t let it just stay but go to doctor as fast as you can.

For prevention and medical treatment, usually doctor will do some check up and diagnosis to make sure your condition will be fine with it. The valley fever is not only dangerous because its infection but the prevention is really depend on your own body condition such as your overall healthiness, your lungs and fungus spores. Valley fever is also depend on your environment and contact with animals. So make sure to clean and doing disinfectant to sterilize your environment.

In the end, valley fever can be dangerous if you are not aware of this disease and not give yourself a right medical treatment from doctor. That is why very important to understand your condition and read valley fever recurrence symptoms.

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