5 Causes of Underarm Pain after Flu Shot

What are the 5 causes of underarm pain after flu shot in common? This type of question might be present in many people head since flu included in the most widespread disease. While looking for the victim, this disease does not care about gender, age, or place; this disease could attack every people. However, some people often felt pain under their arm after they got this disease. What are actually the causes? By reading this article, you might find the answer of your problem.

1. Effect of vaccine

One reason if someone felt pain under their arm after having flu shot is because the body responds to the vaccine. However, the response given by your body to the vaccine is quite unpleasant. That is why instead of healing, you feel pain on certain areas of your body.

2. The adjuvant inside the vaccine

Other reason might be caused of the occurrence of adjuvant inside the vaccine. It caused a macrophage pitch, which could lead to lymph nodes. Why could it be happen? Because certain body does not having efficient protection system in opposition to the aluminum that is being injected into or near the bloodstream. It is in line as what Dr. Richard Blaylock suggested.

3. Body reaction

In some other cases, the feeling of pain under arm could be caused by the reaction from the body itself. Even it is not in whole, certain areas of the body parts could give a slight effect regarding the vaccine given to overcome the flu. The way vaccine works is by giving the patient or the infected one the harmless version of the same virus. In other words, vaccine for certain disease is actually using the same virus as the source. The experts do some tests, which could make the virus not detrimental. It is like human are using the modified virus to make it cooperate with human body so that it could fight against the real virus and win the battle. However, this action might trigger some reaction to certain body parts that some people might feel it as pain under their arm.

4. Muscle strain

It might be the only cause that has no direct relation between the feeling of pain under the arm with flu shot. However, there is always possibility that you might unconsciously strain your muscle right after you received the flu shot. The most common cause is from certain movement like in sport activities.

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5. Inflamed lymph nodes

Every human has lymphatic system. It is glands found all through the human body. Lymph is actually the term to address the fluid that works in fighting some infections. A great mass of lymph nodes take place around the under arm on the left and right side of human body. Therefore, when someone felt pain on this area after he or she received a flu shot, it is common because it can be caused of lymph nodes activity. Therefore, the inflamed lymph nodes could be including in the 5 causes of underarm pain after flu shot.

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