DIY Remedies: Is Turmeric and Ginger Good for Arthritis?

There comes a question in my mind: is turmeric and ginger good for arthritis? Many articles have listed that turmeric and ginger are two of the most effective cure for arthritis, but is there any hint of truth within the knowledge? We humans have created synthetic drugs and synthetic ways of curing people, but some of us prefer to go back to the nature. Some of us think that going all synthetic is not good for our body (because we are basely natural, right? Some people think injecting ourselves with unnatural things would make our body unnatural), so they created articles about how turmeric and ginger are good for your painful arthritis. Is it true, though? To know more about it, you are welcome to read more about this. Let us first talk about what remedial properties that turmeric and ginger have:

The remedial substances within turmeric and ginger

Ginger is widely known as a medicinal plant. Within a piece of ginger is many wondrous cure for many diseases. You can use ginger to cure yourself out of a nausea, cramps, motion sickness, and stomach. You can even make yourself a ginger tea and there are lots of benefits from it. Painful throat and heavy cough are some of the diseases that can be cured with ginger tea.

Turmeric is also another thing that you can use to help you cure some diseases. Some turmeric-curable diseases are stomach ulcers, uveitis (an inflamed iris), high-cholesterol, and arthritis.

Yes people, turmeric can cure arthritis. That is that.

However, we are born as critical thinkers. Sure turmeric can cure arthritis, but how can it cure it? Without knowing what cure and how to use it, surely we are no better than those who choose synthetic drugs over natural ones. To know better about how turmeric and ginger can cure, do continue reading below:

How can turmeric and ginger cure arthritis?

Within turmeric and ginger are cyclooxygenase (abbreviated as COX. Yeah, I know it contained a hint of weird innuendo. Also known as prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase). What is the effect of COX? COX is like that thing that can help you lessen the pain. Aspirins and ibuprofens exerts their effects through COX inhibition. Aspirins and ibuprofens can reduce the pain. Aspirins and ibuprofens are painkillers and you know how painful an arthritis can be, right?

To be truthful, there is no immediate cure for arthritis. Many arthritis does not have a cure that can actually cure you. The substances you take will only lessen the pain and the arthritis will go away after a few moments.

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Turmeric and ginger can both be turned to tea and you can drink both to reduce the pain in the joints. It does not directly cure your joints, but at least it can help you endure through it. How to make a turmeric or ginger tea? You just need to brew turmeric and ginger (both at the same time or only one of them) and mix them with a squirt of lemon juice for the taste.

So that is that, I think. I hope this answers your question on is turmeric and ginger good for arthritis.

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