Can a Man Get Rid of Trichomoniasis Without Treatment?

Can a man get rid of trichomoniasis without treatment? This type of question might be the most common one moving back and forth in men’s head. However, some of us might still unfamiliar with this term. To begin with, trichomoniasis is a type of disease caused by certain parasite that infects the urethra, the tube that carries urine since it is in the bladder area until it reach the outside of the body. In other words, this disease infects genital area, vulva or vagina in women and penis in men. This disease never found to infect other parts like mouths, hands, or even anus.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Sadly, some people did not know yet about the symptoms showed by this disease. Some other even pay no further attention after they realize that there is something wrong that could be the sign of the occurrence of this disease. In men, the symptoms are, first, a burning feeling every time they pee. The second one is also a burning feeling. However, it occurs after they have ejaculation process. The last one is an itchy or irritation feeling inside the penis, which actually the sign that this disease infected the urethra.

However, men are not commonly aware of this symptom, some of them even does not having this kind of signs. Therefore, it is important to have a good communication between partner to ensure that there will no one who felt disappointed.

Test of trichomoniasis

Some tests for trichomoniasis are cell cultures, wet preparation or antigen test. For women, it is better if they have this test in the days they are not in the period. It also suggested keeping away from vaginal douching or using any kinds of vaginal spray for about 24 hours before they are taking the test. On the other hand, men suggested to have additional tests because it is harder to detect the parasites caused this disease in men. It is also because they are mostly the carrier only of this disease.

In the practice of clinical test, it is rare to perform the test repeatedly except the symptoms are not improving after taking the drug treatment. However, the CDC suggests that sexually active women need to have rescreening the test after 3 month of the therapy. This caused by the fact that women have a high risk of infected again. On the other hand, there is no available data regarding the rescreening of men.

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Treatment for trichomoniasis disease

Prognosis is one of the most effective treatment since it shows (90 – 95%) of progress if the treatment done correctly and regularly. It is important not to give the treatment to the patient only but also to the sexual partner having by the infected person. Without proper treatment, both men and women could have this disease remain on their body for a long time. This disease is also has the high possibility to pass to all sexual partner. Therefore, treatment is very important thing to take. We hope that it could answer the question of “Can a man get rid of trichomoniasis without treatment”.

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