Can You Get Trichomoniasis From Toilet Seat

Can you get trichomoniasis from toilet seat? Trichomoniasis toilet seat means that you get trichomoniasis from toilet seat. That question is commonly asked, especially from woman. Generally, people say that Trichomoniasis is a Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) or Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) which means that the disease commonly transmitted by sexual contact or sexual activity. Does it mean that we can only get infected by sexual contact? It is a very important question because you don’t want to get infected because only using contaminated toilet seat. By knowing whether or not this kind of disease can be transmitted through another object such as toilet seat, you can do some prevention so that you can protect yourself and the others. We are going to discuss about trichomoniasis and whether or not you can get trichomoniasis from toilet seat.


Trichomoniasis is also well-known as “trick”. It is considered as sexual transmitted disease. It is also contagious which means that it can be easily transmitted to the others. Trichomoniasis is transmitted primarily through sexual contact. Commonly it is found in women. In United State, more than 2 million women are affected by Trichomoniasis.  However, these disease can also infect men. Trichomoniasis is caused by parasitic protozoa called Trichomonas Vaginalis. For those who get infected, sometime it doesn’t show any symptoms. However, after it occurs, there are some symptoms that can be recognized. Someone who is infected by Trichomoniasis commonly will feel irritation and itching in the genital area. There will be vaginal discharge which can be white, gray, green or yellow and can be smelly. You will also feel discomfort when urinating or during the sex. However, those symptoms can be also found in other sexual transmitted diseases. So to know whether the symptoms belong to Trichomoniasis, you need to go to doctor and do some physical exams and laboratory tests. For you who has ever infected, it doesn’t guarantee that you will not get infected again. It is possible that can get infected again. For them who are infected by Trichomoniasis, it is recommended to stop sexual activity until the symptoms gone or until laboratory tests tell you that the disease can be treated. It can be really helpful to stop the transmission. Fortunately, trichomoniasis can be easily treated by some prescription medicines.

Trichomoniasis from Toilet Seat

Can you get Trichomoniasis from toilet seat? Yes, you can get infected by Trichomoniasis from toilet seat that have contaminated by the parasite. The parasite can easily stick to other objects such as toilet paper and toilet seat. When women that are infected by trichomoniasis use the toilet seat and the vagina area touch the seat, the seat will be contaminated by the parasite. The next person who uses or sits on the seat possibly will get infected. So what should we do? It is difficult to know whether or not the toilet seat has already contaminated. However, you can do prevention by cleaning the toilet seat before you use toilet seat. You can use some disinfectant products to kill the parasite. When you are in public toilet, you can prepare yourself with a simple disinfectant spray.

So can you get Trichomoniasis from toilet seat? Unfortunately, yes you can get infected from the toilet seat and other objects. However, by cleaning the toilet seat, you can prevent and protect yourself from the parasite. All you need to do is to be aware.

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