Early Treatments of 37.8 Celsius Fever in a Baby and Adult

The question of is 37.8 Celsius a fever in a baby and adult is the common question among people. Sometimes people are getting too worried when they find themselves or even people they love experiencing the high temperature. Firstly, we often feel the skin on the forehead is too warm and we often indicate it as a fever even though we do not know yet about the temperature and whether it is really a fever or not. The best way in determining whether it is really a fever or not is by measuring it using a thermometer and get the exact temperature of the body. Then, from the result we can determine whether it is really fever or not. Getting to know much about the common health condition including about fever is really important. That is because fever becomes the common condition which also becomes the body alarm regarding to the condition of the body. Then, we also need to know how to deal with the fever in a right way. That is the basic info which anyone needs to know especially for the parents. That is why here, we will share some helpful information related to the fever which happens to baby and adult.

Fever in a Baby and Adult

The first thing we need to know is about what fever is actually. Fever is actually the body condition in which the temperature of the body is higher than the normal body temperature. The common normal body temperature is in the range of 36.5° Celsius to 37.4° Celsius. However, it is still based on the common normal temperature of the body. Then, the answer for the question of is 37.8 Celsius a fever in a baby and adult is it is indicated as a fever condition. Still, it can be classified as the mild fever. 37.5° C to about 38.5°C is often classified as the mild fever, while the higher one is said to be high fever. That still also depend on how we measure it. If we measure the body temperature through ear or rectal, 37° C is still considered as normal, since the fever temperature starts from 38° C and above. Then, if we measure the temperature through oral, 37.8° is already considered as fever. Then, if it is measured through the armpit, 37.2° is already considered as fever.

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How to Treat Fever?

Then, if you find your beloved one is getting fever, the proper treatment is really needed. The first thing is to ensure that he or she wears the comfortable outfits. Changing the outfits regularly is also a good thing. Do not forget to take plenty of water to help cooling the body and avoid dehydration. Apply essential oil will also be helpful in helping the body getting its normal temperature. Some of the types of essential oil you can try are lemon, lavender, and peppermint. You can apply it by diluting it first and apply thoroughly to the feet area with the gentle massage, and also all over the back and backbone area, neck, shoulder, and ears. For fever in a baby skin to skin will also help to deal with the fever. Now you can answer the question of is 37.8 Celsius a fever in a baby and adult and how to treat the fever.

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