5 Simple Tips to Avoid and Prevent the Stomach Flu

How to avoid and prevent the stomach flu? Maybe this is the common question that most of people have today. It’s normal, though. This disease can attack anyone as well as cause some of severe and dangerous effect. Many cases lead the person that suffered from this disease to death, especially for children. Therefore, it’s important, if you know how to prevent this disease to attack your body or your family.

Keep Your Place Healthy

This is important, because stomach flu or norovirus is really contagious. Once someone got affected by this virus, he or she will be able to easily spread to other people around her or him. This virus is spreading through stool. Therefore, you need to keep your place hygiene and healthy to avoid its spread.

Wash Using Soap and Water

Do not use hand sanitizer to keep your hand clean and hygiene. The hand sanitizer use alcohol to stop bacterial infection. However, norovirus is different. It has the layer that protects it from this substance, so even though you use it, that won’t do any damage to norovirus. And, according to CDC study, using hand sanitizer even increases the risk of norovirus outbreak. So, you need to avoid using this product.

Using Bleach to Wash Your Stained Clothes

According to Herbert DuPont, MD, past president of Infectious Diseases Society of America, using bleach is the best and only way to clean your clothes from norovirus. Basically, if your clothes got stained that can spread the virus, use this method to clean it. He also show the formula you can use to wash your clothes, which is using ¼ cup of bleach and dilute it in 2 ¼ cups of water. However, it’s not only useful for clean your clothes. You also can use this mixture to clean floor, sinks and many more that you see it can spread the norovirus. By doing this thing, you can stop the virus growth and prevent it from affecting the people in your place.

Use Dishwasher to Wash Your Dishes

To prevent norovirus from spreading, you must wash your dishes with hot water. And, it’s impossible to wash using this method, if you hand wash it. Therefore, you can only use dishwasher to wash your dishes with hot water.  This method need to be done, especially if someone in your house has this disease.

Using Right Setting When Doing Laundry

This is also important thing you need to do. If you wash your clothes, make sure you use the hottest water setting on your washing machine. If you can combine it with bleach, especially if you want to wash underwear that also can really help you to get rid the norovirus off the clothes.

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However, the most important thing that you need to do is keeping your body condition. Healthy body condition will have good immune system that can protect it from virus attack, including norovirus. By combining it with all methods above, you can prevent stomach flu.  And, that was how to avoid and prevent the stomach flu.

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