Does Tinnitus Sound Therapy Really Works?

Sound therapy is one alternative therapy that uses for relief the discomfort from tinnitus in approaches. Tinnitus is described as noise that absence from external source and this usually appears as ears that buzzing, ringing, humming or ears that have whistling sounds. The common causes from tinnitus are due to damage in inner ear. In older people, this can be due to natural hearing loss as when the young get too much excessive with loud noise.

How sound therapy work

The sound therapy is basically contrasting the effect by filter the tinnitus frequency with music or sound that patients listen. This contrast effect is extremely and causes the nerve cell for reconnect and adapt with the sounds. There is not every single music or sound that suitable for this sound therapy. There are audio books, speech in general and classic music that can difficult to apply for this sound therapy.

The sound therapy itself is term that use in broad many ways depends to specific products, medical setting, or personal setting. Such as other tinnitus treatment, this will not cure tinnitus itself, but it will low the intensity and burden the perceived tinnitus occur. The sound therapy is work with four general mechanisms as work with different approach combination of therapy.

  • Masking. This step expose the tinnitus patient with external noise in enough loud volume that partially or completely will covers to the patient’s tinnitus sound.
  • Distractions. This approach use external sounds that will divert the patient’s attention from the tinnitus sounds occurred.
  • Habituation. This is approach as help patients to reclassify the sound of tinnitus as unimportant sound that should be ignored by consciously.
  • Neuromodulation. This is the specializing sound that use for minimize the hyperactivity of neural thought as the underlying causes from tinnitus.

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Tips before treat tinnitus with tinnitus sound therapy

If you want to treat tinnitus with sound therapy, then try to follow these tips below. First, consider the price first. Hearing aids and the medical grade-tools for sound therapy can so expensive and this often not covered with insurance plans. Second, consider your tinnitus symptom. When you consider using sound therapy for tinnitus treatment then you need to consider for change your lifestyle as this will useful a lot for their tinnitus relief. If the patients feel that there is constant tinnitus that appears in before or during sleep, then use bedside white noise device can be sufficient thing. If patients feel that they have often or 2407 tinnitus concern that re-occur, then they might need for portable option. Third, consider the sound sensitivity. Patients that have sound sensitivity or hyperacusis can encounter for some discomfort when they using sound amply device. The last, is education and support. Do you know that all best tinnitus sound therapy will give best result when they are combined with counseling and supplemental patient education? The combination approach will make patient know how to use tinnitus sound therapy in properly and get the best result.

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