What Does Trichomoniasis Smell Like?

The sexually transmitted disease known as trichomoniasis is hard to spot if you are not paying attention. There are so many other infections which resemble trichomoniasis that people have a tough time diagnosing the condition on their own. In fact, they may go to their primary care doctor and receive the wrong diagnosis from them if a urine test is not done. The only way to truly tell apart trichomoniasis from other similar diseases is by its smell.

Trichomoniasis Smell and Indications

Trichomoniasis has a very distinct smell which few other similar diseases have. Hopefully, your doctor will ask you about any smells that you are experiencing from urinating or even from having sex. If they do not ask, then you need to pay attention to the smells yourself.

Urinate Smell

If you have trichomoniasis then chances are that it has infected your urethra, whether you are a man or woman. The early stages of this disease will have very few symptoms. At this most, you will experience a little burning when you urinate but nothing major. There won’t be any abnormal smells in the beginning, though. It isn’t until a few weeks later that you’ll start to notice an acidic smell after you urinate. This odor will kind of resemble ammonia or vinegar. As time goes on, the smell will progress to a fishy smell which is even more unpleasant. This is likely an indication that you have trichomoniasis. If you go to the doctor, let them know about the smell because it will ensure that you get a more accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Bad Sex Smell

The bad smell from trichomoniasis does not just happen when you urinate. Men and women with an infected urethra will also experience this smell while having sex. With men, the smell will be most noticeable after they have ejaculated. Their semen will practically smell like a fish market in most cases. As for women, the liquid they ejaculate from their paraurethral ducts during sex will smell bad a swell. This could be either an acidic or fishy smell. Unless there are other coinciding symptoms like swelling, redness, or pain, people often disregard these sex smells as just being from sweat and lust. But they are actually much more serious than that. The worst part is that an infected person can sexually transmit this disease to someone who is not infected.

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Colorful Discharge

Some people may argue that a fishy smell is normal for semen and may not indicate that a man has trichomoniasis. Well then, just examine the color and texture of the urine to figure this one out. Is your urine grey, white, green, and/or bubbly? If so, then you could have trichomoniasis. The same goes for women too because their urine could also have these strange colors, in addition to the unpleasant smell and inflammation.

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The Treatments

Obviously, you will need to treat trichomoniasis in order to get the bad smells to go away. The simple solution is to get antibiotics from your doctor. Either that or you can try an over-the-counter antifungal cream. But, in the meantime, you should be careful with the deodorant and soaps that you use. The last thing you will want to do is irritate the infection any further and cause additional pain. So, stick with all-natural products which contain essential oils and no harmful chemical-based ingredients.

As for cologne, you could also use essential oils on your skin to keep your bodily odor pleasant. That way, your sexual partner won’t even notice the bad smells coming from your semen after you have ejaculated. Just in case, think about wearing a condom and then quickly disposing of the condom after you are done. This will help get rid of the smell in the room a lot faster.

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