How to Test for Trichomoniasis in Men and Women

How to test for trichomoniasis in men and women? Actually, there lot of tests to determine whether someone is infected by trichomoniasis or not. What are the test? Found the answer in this article, so do not stop reading until you reach the last word.

Common procedures to test trichomoniasis

  1. Cell cultures. It uses urine or even swab from the vagina. Then it brought to the laboratory to let it develop. It will ease the examiners to examine and to find any parasite of trichomoniasis.
  2. DNA test. If you are thinking of taking parts of your body to test the DNA, you are wrong. What is being tested in this procedure is not yours but the parasite’s. However, it still uses the same sample as the previous procedure, urine or swab. This procedure could give result that is more accurate since it is a type of microscopic test.
  3. Wet preparation. This procedure needs fluid samples from women or men urethral. The examination process is using microscope. However, it is not as reliable as the DNA test.
  4. Antigen test. To decide whether the parasite is the one causing trichomoniasis or not, the antibodies given will bind then change its color. Thus, it could indicate an infection.
  5. Test of rapid antigen and nucleic acid investigate of blood. If you want to have a test with quick result, then this one is the correct one for you. It is also known as on the spot test because people who had this test could see the result in minutes only. However, it will be better not to put high expectation of the great accuracy from this test.

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When someone should have the test?

You need to know that there is an incubation period first for trichomoniasis disease. It takes about 5 until 28 days counted from the first time the infection start to develop until when it begins to show the sign of the symptoms. However, this period might be vary from one person to another. During this period, trichomoniasis could spread easily and even has the ability to return the test results into negative. If you want to reduce the probability of false negatives, then you need to wait approximately 28 days after you had the potential exposure. It is also better to have a safe sex activity. You should have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing regularly as well. At least you should have it once in every year. You do need to worry much if you included in the list of people infected by trichomoniasis. This disease is easy to cure even though it does not show any symptoms for every patient. In fact, there are only 30% more or less of people who had the symptoms of trichomoniasis from overall people. Therefore, it is always a wise thing to do to have a regular sexual test if you think that you might infect by this disease.  You can choose one of the lists of how to test for trichomoniasis in men and women.

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