Symptoms of Scarlet Fever in Toddlers And How To Prevent It Effectively

Scarlet fever symptoms in toddlers is the first thing you should read and understand before you diagnose your children with this illness. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about the signs and symptoms. They think it’s just ordinary itch illness for temporary condition. Indeed, scarlet fever is usually be gone after a few weeks but actually, it can get worse if you let it happen without deep care and right treatment. On this article, we will describe you more about symptoms and signs of scarlet fever also tips to prevent it effectively.

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Symptoms and Signs of Scarlet Fever In Toddlers

  • Usually, the signs are easily seen on the skin of toddlers. You can spot there is red lines or streaks around armpits, knees or back of your children.
  • The children can also experience uncomfortable feeling such as sore throat (commonly with yellow patches), weak body caused by fever and headaches. In a  big picture, they will feel sick and not as active as they used to be. In worse condition, they will get nausea and vomit more than once.
  • Another symptom can be seen from their face and skin : they have pale skin, white tongue with red dots and experience a little pain. If it happens, better to go to doctor as fast as you can to check their body condition.

How To Prevent Scarlet Fever In Toddlers

Now, we will tell you tips how to prevent scarlet fever in toddlers. Hope it will helpful for mothers and fathers whose children get scarlet fever :

  • First, diagnosis and check up will really help to make sure the current condition of your toddler. Doctor can give specific recipe and treatment so the scarlet fever will stop in fast way. Usually, antibiotics is one recommended medication they use to cure scarlet fever illness.
  • Because scarlet fever can infect anyone, doctor will help to make sure the bacteria is gone so it won’t get further infection. Parents also need to be aware of this scarlet fever because it can give them infection too. Besides giving them right treatment by doctor also need to make sure to sterilize the environment : wash clean all their outfits.
  • To prevent their pain, don’t give them full foods that only make their condition getting worse. Water and warm soup can be good food recipe for them and ease the pain of their sore throat. Usually they will feel better after a few days of antibiotics.
  • Last but not the least, toddlers need to take a big rest during and after the illness. After the fever is gone, give them water to make sure they won’t get dehydration because the previous illness and weak condition.

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Overall, scarlet fever is not a permanent illness and can be a temporary condition as long as you prevent it effectively. But of course you need to take care your children so it won’t get worse condition and risk. If after a few weeks, there is no prevention or it is getting worse, better to bring your children to doctor for further treatment. We totally hope doctor can read and prevent scarlet fever symptoms in toddlers!

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