5 Symptoms of Allergic Reaction to Flu Mist

Flu mist is a kind of nasal spray to relieve flu disease. It looks practical due to only spraying it but sometimes you get allergic to the flu mist. Too much allergic impacts to the body immune system in which you cannot take this flu mist drug. You can understand flu mist itself and recognize the list of symptoms of allergic reaction due to flu mist so that you can anticipate it.

What Is Flu Mist?

Flu mist is used to protect a kind of flu for patients within 2 to 49 years old. This is not a fully drug but it tends to be a vaccine. It is working by stimulating your body to produce antibody to some kinds of flu viruses helping your body to fight for infection due to the viruses. When you want to consume or apply this flu mist, there are some banned directions. The flu mist shouldn’t be done if you are allergic to any materials in flu mist including gelatin, argentine, and products of egg. If you have a serious allergic reaction, it is better to avoid this product. The serious allergic reaction can be rash, itchy, breathless, mouth inflammation and tongue and lips inflammation as well. For those suffering heavy asthma, you must find another alternative vaccine or drug to relieve and heal your influenza. The kids or teens are banned to drug containing aspirin.

5 Symptoms of Allergic Reaction to Flu Mist

Flu mist sometimes make allergic for those using it but one day there are no problems when the people spray it to anticipate flu attack. However, as you finally get allergic reaction to flu mist, you should know 5 symptoms of allergic reaction to flu mist itself. This is used to help you check your health condition whether it is allergic condition or not.


The direction to use flu mist is spraying it into your nose with or without small needle and then inhaled. This is given one to 2 dosages and given under monitor of the doctor. Flu mist is much recommended to prevent influenza attack. After spraying it, you feel itchy on your skin or nose, it is potentially to be an allergic reaction to flu mist. Be aware of it.

Rash on Your Skin

After you get itchy and get rash on your skin, you must be more careful. This is another symptom of allergic reaction to flu mist. You need to recognize the other symptoms to finalize the full allergic reaction. If you get allergic to gentamisin, gelatin, and egg, you shouldn’t apply this flu vaccine. It potentially makes allergic reaction.

Inflammation on Mouth, Face, Lips, and Tongue

When you find your mouth, face, lips, and tongue get inflammation after spraying flu mist, it become another symptom of allergic reaction to flu mist. Don’t neglect this symptom. If you let it, it is getting more serious and makes you painful.


Breathless is another symptom of allergic reaction to flu mist. This is felt after spraying or drooping the flu mist into your nose. Be aware of this further symptom.

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After you get those above allergic reaction symptoms and suddenly have headache, this is positively to be a symptom of allergic reaction to flu mist. Headache can be a further symptom of allergic reaction to a certain drug. Control to your doctor if you get those 5 symptoms of allergic reaction to flu mist.

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