Can a Diabetic Eat Sweet Potatoes?

There goes a time when you wonder about one thing in particular: can a diabetic eat sweet potatoes? It is a well-known fact that diabetics are a bunch of people who should not be put next to a candy shops, sweet drinks, or junk food. Diabetics and sugar just does not mix well, and putting one next to the other would be torture for diabetics with low self-control. Diabetics are also told to shy themselves away from fruits as fruits contain sugar and eating lots of fruits with a diabetes is a sure way to put yourself in a condition called hyperglycemia.

It is clear that diabetics cannot eat more than a meager amount of fruits everyday, but what about vegetables? Vegetables are fine as long as you do not sprinkle it with sugar (who would want to do that anyway?), but I would like to talk about a very peculiar type of vegetable at the moment. What is that? The vegetable in talk is of course no other than the famed sweet potato.

Sweet Potatoes and Diabetics

Now, when you first heard of the name sweet potato, there is surely one thing that come up in your mind: it is a sweet tasting potato. We all know that diabetics should not be encouraged to include potatoes in their diet. Potatoes contain lots of carbohydrates, and do you know what is contained within carbohydrate itself? Glucose. Glucose is like the devilish substance that will put in you a deep when you are a diabetic yourself.

But what about sweet potatoes? By common sense (and by judging from the name itself), diabetics should not eat sweet potatoes, right? I mean, they cannot even eat potatoes, so the sweeter one is basically an instant no go, right? Wrong. Why am I wrong? Because you judged a book by its cover without further delving into the depth of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are potatoes yes, but we should differentiate between them by saying that one is a sweet potato while the other is a white potato (empirical evidence suggest that they are indeed white). White potatoes is very high in glycemic index. What is a glycemic index? A glycemic index is a measure to tell how fast the carbs contained within said food to be turned into sugar. A high glycemic index would mean the carbs would be turned into sugar in an instant. Diabetics should always avoid foods with a high glycemic index.

On the other hand, we have sweet potatoes, which are low in the index department. You know what that means? A moderate serving of a sweet potato is safe for diabetics!

Any tips on eating sweet potatoes?

Baked, not fried, with a serving of lean meat or any other carb-free ingredients.

The baking process is very important. By baking, you use less oil. Although carbs are the biggest enemy of diabetics, the fat contained within the oil is also a diabetic’s public enemy. By reducing the fat, you will reduce the chance of artery congestion. A congested artery is never good for carrying healthy nutrients to your body.

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Well, I hope this answer your question regarding diabetics and can a diabetic eat sweet potatoes.

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