5 Superstitious Reasons for Ringing in Right and Left Ears

When people start hearing ringing in their right and left ears, they may become superstitious over the cause of that ringing. This is especially true if no one else hears the ringing. Of course, someone like this is really suffering from a symptom called tinnitus. But they won’t be thinking about some medical reason to explain why they hear ringing. Their superstition is telling them that there is a more divine reason for it.

First, you should go to the doctor and make sure that you don’t have tinnitus or some other condition that is causing high pitched ringing sounds to be heard in either of your ears. If it turns out that you’re medically healthy, then there must be some other outside explanation for why you hear these sounds.  What could they be?

The Top 5 Superstitious Reasons for Ringing in Right and Left Ears

Before the age of modern medicine, people who heard ringing in either of their ears would attribute it to something spiritual or with superstitious reasoning. However, people who have ringing in their ears which cannot be explained by doctors tend to still believe in the superstitious reasons for it. Although they cannot be proven, there are 5 big superstitious reasons that you might want to consider if you have unexplained ringing in either your left or right ear.

  1. Clairaudience – Clairaudience is another way of saying “clear hearing.” It doesn’t mean that you just hear well. It means you’re able to hear sounds, voices, and even music from spiritual realms that cannot be heard by normal ears. Basically, your sense of hearing has expanded beyond just the physical world and now you can hear things in other worlds as well.
  2. Spiritual Whisper – Sometimes you will hear sounds in only one ear. There are people who think this has to do with spirits whispering only into that ear and not the other. If you were to ask a psychic, they’d probably tell you that a whisper in the left ear is from a guiding spirit and that a whisper in the right ear is a non-guiding spirit.
  3. Spiritual Energy – The spirits may be sending energy your way if you’re hearing ringing sounds. One theory is that high frequency sounds represent positive energy and low frequency sounds represent negative energy. Although high frequency might be kind of annoying to hear, it could set you at peace if you simply stop fighting it.
  4. Earth Shift – Our world is shifting all the time. Some believe these earthly shifts cause information to be sent to our brains from the world around us. It’s almost as if the “antennas” in our brains are picking up on the shift and guiding us through it by tweaking our consciousness.
  5. Ghost – Some people go so far as to say they’re being visited by ghosts or spirits that are talking to them directly. These aren’t just whispers or flows of energy like in previous theories. These people actually believe that ghosts are talking to them like regular people and either guiding them in some way or trying to hurt them.

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The Reality

Superstitious reasoning and science do not normally agree. People believe in superstition when they cannot logically understand why something is happening. If you’re hearing sounds and you don’t have any physical conditions which are causing them, then these sounds could be artificially created in your mind as part of a mental illness. People with mental health issues hear sounds and voices all the time. Check with a psychologist or psychiatrist to make sure this isn’t what’s happening to you.

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