Does Stress Cause Acid Reflux? Find the Answer Here…

Does stress cause acid reflux? There are several studies that mention that stress can trigger to acid reflux. Maybe you’ve experienced it before facing an interview or doing a presentation. There are many people affected by this disease because of eating spicy food and drinking orange juice in the morning but stress is one of the causes of acid reflux. If you feel depressed in your life, then it is bad news for you. There are many techniques that can treat this disease effectively. You can heal your stomach at a difficult time. Lifestyle can be a factor that causes an individual to develop the disease. If you experience stress from work, then you can suffer from acid reflux. This data was taken based on research conducted in 2010. People who are not satisfied with the work have twice the risk of suffering from acid reflux compared with people who are satisfied with the job. Recent research also says that stress can make these symptoms worse.

Relation Between Stress and Acid Reflux Research

Actually, this is still a debate. Researchers still doubt the statement saying that stress can make stomach acid worse to increase stomach acid production. If you experience stress, then your body will become more sensitive to the acid in your esophagus. Research conducted in 1993 said that patients reflux and feel stressed and anxious can experience more painful symptoms than ordinary patients. Stress cannot increase the production of stomach acid in the patient’s body. The patient must be uncomfortable with the condition but stress cannot increase the total acid in the patient’s body. Patients may also feel uncomfortable with stomach acid that is accompanied by stress. Stress only makes the patient more sensitive than normal. If a person is stressed, a small amount of acid exposure is enough to make the patient suffer.

Symptoms in Your Head

Actually, these symptoms do not just happen in your head. This is a real symptom of your body. Stress can make changes to your brain and this causes pain receptors. Stress will make you become sensitive to the increase in acid levels in your esophagus. Stress can deplete prostaglandins that can protect your stomach from acids. This condition makes you feel uncomfortable.

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What Can You Do?

Exercise can help make your muscles become limp and relax. Work that is full of pressure can make you feel the muscles are tense and tight. Exercise will release the hormones of happiness and make your body feel good. Exercise can also reduce the pressure in your stomach. If stress strikes you, then you have to change your diet. You should not eat fatty foods, spicy foods, tomatoes, juices, citrus fruits, caffeine, and chocolate. Sleep can reduce your stress. You must sleep soundly to avoid stress. Relaxation can also improve your quality of life. You can do tai chi and yoga with soft music. You must learn to say no. It is natural to say that and make your life’s goals the highest priority. That is the answer of does stress cause acid reflux?

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