5 Symptoms of the Stomach Flu That You Should Know

The symptoms of the flu can be early sign to everyone detecting a certain disease. Stomach flu actually makes misunderstanding. This is not same as the influenza. It is much different. This is an infection on the digestive channel wall especially intestine and stomach. It makes irritation and inflammation. It usually attacks baby or infants fewer than one year old. To recognize this disease, you can detect some symptoms of the stomach flu.

Odorless Stool

Stomach flu can make you stomachache, nausea, and heartburn. This is mostly attacking when cold comes. One of the symptoms is odorless stool. Common stool has very unpleasant smell. You must be aware of odorless stool. Diarrhea becomes an accompanist of disease despite of digestive disease. It usually happens five times a day. The stool is generally odorless and no mucus. When you feel it and get nausea, you can recognize it that it is stomach flu.


Though it is called stomach flu, but it still appears stomach problems. One of 5 symptoms of the stomach flu is diarrhea. The infection of respiratory tract is included digestion problem. You have to concern on the appearance of diarrhea being a symptom.  Flu and diarrhea in one time are potentially to be a sign of stomach flu. The giving of anti diarrhea drug is not fully right because it stimulates the other diseases.


Diarrhea is closely related to inflammation. When you get inflammation, it includes diarrhea symptom usually lasting for one week. It is mostly involved vomit for one to two times per a day. In some cases, both diarrhea and vomit completes inflammation occurring. Be careful on those together symptoms. Those can be a sign of stomach flu.


Have you ever felt always so thirsty all the time? It is probably to be a sign of dehydration. When you get dehydration, it is rather easy to recognize. What about your kids? Of course, it is little bit difficult to know their condition. You just check the physical condition to state that it s dehydration or not. The dehydration is frequently marked by a urinating frequency and decrease of urine volume drastically. Concern it on your kids. Your kids cry without teardrops. Their face look is so dull with dry mouth. Those symptoms are dehydration condition.

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When baby get stomachache, she will cry. Stomach flu generally includes fever. You must check the body temperature with ear or forehead thermometer to check it accurately. If your baby’s temperature is above normal temperature about 36.4 °C to 36,8°C, be careful. Your baby is fever. The fever is an early symptom of stomach flu. This occurs 1 to 3 days after the virus infects. The seriousness level of the fever is varied depending on the immune system of your baby. It can last 1 – 2 days but potentially 10 days lasting. When you find it, it is positively to be one of 5 symptoms of the stomach flu.

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