Is the Stomach Flu Contagious?

Is the stomach flu contagious? This seems to be the most asked question among people. Most of the people are afraid that this is a deadly disease because it makes infection due to bacteria and virus attack. This condition is famously known to be stomach flu. It may make sufferers vomit, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramp, or sometimes fever.

Symptoms of The Stomach Flu

Stomach flu symptoms will appear within 1 – 3 days after a person gets infected. The seriousness level of the symptom is varied starting from mild to severe symptom. The common symptoms will last for 1 – 2 days but it even lasts 10 days. The occurring symptoms including stomach, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomit, nausea, decreased appetite, weight loss, often sweaty, wet skin, fever, and sometimes headache. When people have got seriously and need the treatment from doctors, you need to recognize the occurring symptoms. Those are vomiting blood, vomit after drinking, vomit for more than 48 hours, fever above 40 degree C, dehydration, dry mouth, and bloody pooping. Those are happened to adults. What about kids and babies? When they get sluggish, fever, bloody diarrhea, painful, uncomfortable, dehydration and dehydration, you must go to the hospital to check their condition.

Causes of the Stomach Flu

There are some causes of stomach flu that must be aware of. There are some viruses possibly causing stomach flu. Two kinds of viruses are commonly causing this stomach flu. What are they? Firstly, it is called rotavirus. This is a contagious virus through a mouth. This is infecting kids and babies because they insert their fingers or things contained to their mouth. Secondly, it is norovirus. This virus is easily contagious and infecting anymore both kids and adults. Most of the food poisoning cases are caused by noro virus. The spread area of the virus is on some places like classroom, campus, boarding house, and general treatment rooms. The contaminated drinks and foods become a major medium to spread the viruses. In addition, the virus is potentially infecting through a direct contact to infected individuals. Regarding to the causes, is the stomach flu contagious? It is likely contagious when the surrounding is dirty.

How Does Stomach Flu Infect?

Stomach flu can infect through a close contact with the people getting infected. This disease is potentially caused by contaminated foods and drinks. The contamination is caused by viruses or bacteria. The infection is easily spread to closed general facilities like classroom, kids’ treatment room, or general treatment rooms. This disease is commonly attacking kids. As a parent, you must be aware of this disease to keep your kids away from it.

Cooked foods let too long in room temperature taking a deal with the cause of bacteria and viruses of stomach flu. The infection is detected by appearing vomit, nausea, and diarrhea. This condition is often called as food poisoning. But, it is actually rather different. This disease seldom makes complication. But, it is risky to damage fatal and even deadly if it is happened to baby, elderly people, and people having trouble about body immune system. After understanding the above explanation, no more question about is the stomach flu contagious.

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