Do Statin Cause Diabetes and Heart Disease?

Most of people like to do anything to make their cholesterol level lower. Many of them are having a higher level of cholesterol because of their life style, such as: never doing exercises and eating a lot of fast food which is usually contained much oil. Then, some of them are consuming strain to reduce the cholesterol level. Do you know what statin is? Is there any side effect of taking this medicine? Do statins cause diabetes and heart disease? Well, we are going to tell you more about it below.

What is statin?

Statin is a kind of medicine or drug which is used to make the lower cholesterol level. How does it work? Well, statins reduce the production of cholesterol. It blocks the enzyme which is responsible to make a cholesterol. There are some kinds of statins which are sold, such as: lovastatin, fluvastatin, rosuvastatin, and etc. However, there are some side effects of consuming this medicine. People can get muscle pain, heart pain and diabetes mellitus and any other kinds of disease.

Why does statin cause diabetes?

The substances which are contained in statins can cause some serious problems. It will be really dangerous, if you often consume this medicine. Statins can cause diabetes. It can increase the insulin level which is really not offering the advantages to our body health. Then, it can increase the blood sugar level which can cause high risk of diabetes. One of the function of statin is to block the heart in producing cholesterol. So, if the heart doesn’t produce cholesterol, It can return the sugar into the blood flow which can make your blood sugar become higher. It can raise your blood sugar higher. This medicine also absorb the important nutrients which are needed by your body. It can absorb vitamin D AND Co Q10 in which these vitamins can stabilize our blood sugar level. These vitamins can make your blood sugar level ideal.

Why does statin cause heart disease?

Actually, you will get a statin on your recipe if you had heart disease. But, do you know that statin become really dangerous too for your heart? Well, it can worse your heart condition. It reduce Coenzyme Q10 which can cause serious problems to your heart, such as: heart failure. The blood cholesterol reduction can increase the risk of heart attacks. Statins blocks the Vitamin K production which prevent calcification of arteries in which it will really important and linked to the heart disease. The increasing of insulin resistance can also lead to the heart disease. This drug inhibits the function of vitamin K2 in your body which can cause the risk of heart failure, atherosclerosis and stroke.

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So, there is all about statin. Even though this medicine has a good effect to make lower cholesterol level, but it can give a bad effect too. It can cause some health problems like diabetes and heart disease. So, if someone asks me do statins cause diabetes and heart disease? I will definitely say yes, it’s true.

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