5 Common Signs of Diabetes in Women over 40

There are many cases when some people have level of their blood sugar more than the normal range. However, the blood sugar level is not considered as high enough to be classified into the diabetes sufferers. This condition is called pre-diabetes. The real case is that, if you have the level of blood sugar above the standard or normal range, you will have a high risk of developing full-blown diabetes. It is important to realize that diabetes should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is known as a condition in which the patient develop a too high blood-sugar level. Diabetes melitus is defined as a metabolism disorder. Metabolism is the way our bodies making use of the food we have consumed to produce energy and to grow. The food we eat is extracted into glucose, the blood sugar. The glucose can be used as the source of energy or “fuel” of our bodies.

When the food we have consumed is processed, the glucose that is obtained travels in our bloodstream. Then, our cell will naturally use that glucose as the source of energy. However, what we need to know is that the glucose will not be able to enter our cells without the help of what so called as insulin. Insulin is a hormone being produced by part of the body specifically called as pancreas. After having meal, the pancreas will normally produce an appropriate amount of insulin to help the produced glucose to enter the cells. This sort of condition will result in the decrease of cell blood-glucose level.

Risk Factor for diabetes

There are some conditions in which a certain people will have higher risk of developing diabetes than the others:

  1. people with the age more than 40 years old
  2. overweight people
  3. people who love to eat unhealthy food
  4. people who rarely exercise
  5. the active smokers
  6. people with abnormally high blood pressure
  7. people who have a family history of diabetes
  8. people who often get infected

Common Signs of Diabetes in Women over 40

There are also some common signs diabetes in women over 40 that need to be considered

  1. Vaginal Infections

Actually, this sign sometimes appears to woman in any range of age, however, for those who are above 40 years old, it could be the sign of diabetes. It is strongly suggested to them to immediately visit the gynecologist and take the medication soon.

  1. Sexual Dysfunction

Hard to reach an orgasm is one of the signs of suffering diabetes. If this sort of situation happens to you, it is better for you to take the blood test and see the blood sugar level.

  1. Urinary Infections

Experiencing urinary tract infection which comes with vaginal infection is the strong symptom of suffering diabetes. It can happen because diabetes tends to affect some other organs of the sufferer’s body like limbs, for example.

  1. Vision Problems

Although it seems odd, but vision problem can be one of the diabetes symptoms, which can happen to both men and women. The blurry vision accompanied by headaches and ache is the characteristic of diabetes.

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  1. Mood Swings

Besides blurry vision, mood swings can also be one of the diabetes signs which can happen to both men and women as well. The unstable mood is more than possible to influence your productivity. That is why, when this symptom occurs, seeing your doctor will become the wise decision.

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