Common Symptoms of Periodic Fever Syndrome in Toddlers

Getting to know about the common symptoms of periodic fever syndrome in toddlers which are common the most is something important. It is also really helpful to make us a bit more careful and really be aware of what happens to our toddlers. Of course, all parents totally care about their kids, especially if they are still toddlers. That is a good idea to enrich our knowledge about the various diseases and even health conditions which may possibly happen to kids especially toddlers. There are lots of the health problems which can happen to toddlers. That is much better if we can find lot of info related to them. That is including about the PFS or Periodic Fever Syndrome which can happen to toddlers. However, actually it is not a specific diagnosis or a single illness but it is more about a classification for a group of illness which have the similar signs or symptoms. Sure, the most common symptom is of course as seen on its name. There is the fever which is recurred even though there is no infectious factor which causes it. The fever which is recurred is not the only symptom. It will be followed by some other common symptoms. You may also need to know that it is commonly a genetic condition. This is also not a kind of contagious disease. This is related to the auto inflammatory diseases which are caused by such a malfunction which happens in innate immune systems.

Diseases which are involved in the Periodic Fever Syndrome

As mentioned previously, the periodic fever syndrome is not only about a single illness or disease. It is about a group of auto inflammatory illnesses which have the similar symptoms. The common symptoms of periodic fever syndrome will be shared after this section. So what are the illnesses which are often included in the periodic fever syndrome? One of them is PFAPA syndrome (Periodic Fever, Aphthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, and Cervical Adenitis). Then, the Tumour Necrosis Factor Associated Periodic Syndrome is also listed as one of them. The Familial Mediterranean Fever is also included in the Periodic Fever Syndrome. The HIDS and MA are also involved as the periodic fever syndrome. Those are some of the illnesses which may also be included as the periodic fever syndrome. However, you also need to note that it is not limited. There are some other kinds which are included in the periodic fever syndrome.

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Common Symptoms

As mentioned in previous part, the periodic fever syndrome is not a kind of single disease. It is a group of auto inflammatory diseases which have the similar symptoms. One of the common symptoms is the existence of the recurred fevers. Another symptom of the periodic fever syndrome is the existence of rash and even mouth ulcers. Abdominal pain, arthritis or joint pain, and extreme fatigue also become the common symptoms of this condition. The discomfort of the digestion, as like the diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, is also the common sign or symptoms of this health problem. The serosistis also often becomes one of the common symptoms you need to notice. Those are the common symptoms of periodic fever syndrome which we need to know.

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