The Type of Pathogen That Causes Trichomoniasis

You may wonder what type of pathogen causes trichomoniasis due to the fact that Trichomoniasis has become one of the most common reproductive or vaginal infections in United State. In United state, it is counted that more than 2 million women are infected by trichomoniasis. The big numbers of infected women are influenced by the characteristic of the disease and also the human’s behavior or activity. Trichomoniasis is a type of infection that is caused by parasite. It is highly contagious. The disease can be easily transmitted by sexual contact or activity and through other objects that are contaminated by the disease. Human’s behavior such as free, unhealthy sex and the lack of attention for maintaining cleanliness will help the disease transmitted easily. Although it is considered as a type of disease that can be treated easily, trichomoniasis still will become a terrifying disease.  What type of pathogen causes Trichomoniasis? We are going to discuss what is pathogen and type of pathogen in general as well as what type of pathogen causes trichomoniasis.

Pathogen in General

Pathogen is defined as microscopic organism that can cause many kinds of disease. However, it needs to be understood that not all microscopic organisms are pathogenic or can cause disease. The most common example is bacteria. Our body contains many beneficial bacteria that help us in digestion and immune system. Those bacteria are not pathogenic. However, there are many microscopic organisms that pathogenic. Generally they have single goal which is to survive and to multiply. Pathogens live by infecting the host. Pathogen can be transmitted in two ways: direct and indirect transmission.

There are some types of pathogen. The most common pathogens are bacteria and virus. The pathogenic bacteria will cause some diseases by producing toxins. Clostridium botulinum, streptococcus pneumoniae, mycobacterium tuberculosis are some examples of pathogenic bacteria. Virus is actually segments of DNA. Virus causes diseases by infecting the cells and forces the cells to produce more viruses. Ebola viruses, HIV, Influenza virus, Zika are some examples of common virus that infected human. Beside Bacteria and virus, fungsi also one type of pathogen. Fungi commonly will affect the skin. The next type of pathogen is called protozoa. Protozoa define as tiny unicellular organism. They infect human by parasitize their host. Commonly protozoa are transmitted to human through soil, food and water that have been contaminated by protozoa. Giardia Lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, plasmodium spp and trichomonas vaginalis are some example of protozoa that can caused many diseases. The next type of pathogen is called parasitic worms. Parasitic worms can infect human, plants, and animals. In human, parasitic worms will infect our intestines.

Pathogen in Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is caused by type of pathogen called protozoa. The type of protozoa that can cause trichomoniasis is called trichomonas Vaginalis. It is parasitic protozoa that will infect the reproductive or genital area. This type of pathogen can be transmitted through sexual contact or activity. However, it is also possible that the pathogen also contaminated other objects such as soil, water, food, toilet seat and paper. This kind of pathogen can only diagnosed by medical and laboratory test.

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That’s all about type of pathogen causes trichomoniasis. I hope it will be helpful for you to determine what type of pathogen causes trichomoniasis. You can also share this information to the other so it can help friends or the one you love to not get infected by trichomoniasis.

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