The Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Dengue Fever

Does papaya leaf cure dengue fever? There can be so many questions which people will ask about dengue fever especially when they are living in affected area. Dengue fever is kind of health condition which is associated with the mosquito. The main culprit of this disease is spread by the bite of mosquito. It is said that there is no cure for this health condition yet. It can be dangerous if they leave this fever untreated. There is kind of belief that papaya leaves can be used for treating dengue fever. It is better to learn more about the relation between papaya leaves and dengue fever for sure.

The Benefits

One thing for sure, people can find various benefits from papaya tree. Besides the fruit, other parts of the papaya tree can be utilized including the young papaya leaves which are often eaten. It can be used as dengue fever treatment as well. People only need to consume the pulp or juice made from the papaya leaves. It will be pretty effective in fighting the dengue fever symptoms as well as curing this condition. There is specific study about the use of papaya leaves for treating dengue fever in India. The patient shows great improvement in overall health after drinking the papaya leaves juice. The side effects of the disease are reduced and they can also feel more comfortable after drinking the juice. It is important to mention that this is kind of treatment which do not give any side effect. After this study, the papaya leaves are not only made into juice for dengue fever treatment. Many companies also produce the medicine which is formulated from the extract of papaya leaves. Based on the research, there are various kinds of health benefits which can be found from the papaya leaves after all. It comes with anti cancer properties. It can also fight viral infection.

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Preparing Papaya Leaves Juice

People maybe can find the papaya leaves extract easily which is made by the factory. However, it does not mean that they always have to buy it for treating the dengue fever. The benefits of papaya leaves can also be made at home. In this circumstance, they can use two methods of preparation. First of all, they can try the juice method. The papaya leaves juice can be extracted by crushing it. The stems and the fibrous parts of the leaves must be removed first. After crushing the green parts of the leaves, they can use the cloth filter for squeezing the juice out. People have to remind that they have to use the raw fresh leaves to get the best benefits. One thing for sure, the papaya leaves juice will not taste good at all. They must be prepared with this because each treatment will need two leaves. Two tablespoons juice must be taken every six hours. It means that they have to consume it three times a day to get better feeling. They can also make the paste of papaya leaves using grinder or food processor. It must be taken four teaspoons twice in a day. That is the answer about does papaya leaf cure dengue fever.

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