List of Good Pre Workout Supplements

From eating a banana before a work out to taking Pre Workout supplements, sports nutrition has greatly evolved over the past years. Designed to enhance focus, endurance, and energy, pre work out supplements come in a variety of ingredients in different amounts with different desired results. Your ideal Pre Workout supplement depends on your type of exercise.
Think goals. Basically, each ingredient in a Pre Workout supplement improves a certain aspect of an exercise. Does pre work out supplement ingredients pose any potentially harmful effects to your body? Here’s a list of good Pre Work supplements and how it all works.

Ingredients of Pre-Workout Supplements

Here are the most vital ingredients in pre-workout supplements:
Creatine – increases power, strength, exercise performance and muscle mass.
Beta-Alanine – This amino acid helps you fight muscle fatigue. It also improves performance in increased concentrations.
Caffeine – Stimulates the brain to reduce tiredness and increase alertness. This improves your power output and endurance.
Sodium Bicarbonate – This buffering agent fights against acid build up to reduce fatigue.
Citrulline – It is naturally produced in the body. Increased levels promote blood flow to the body tissues.
Nitrate – Naturally found in vegetables including beetroot, spinach, and turnips, nitrate increases blood flow and endurance.
BCAAs – Branch-chained amino acids promote muscle gain and improve endurance while running.

Widely Used Types of Pre-Workout Supplements


Loaded with 13 –Hand Packed Ingredients, the Pre-JYM ranked as the best re workout for many years since it came out without much competition

  • The active ingredients list is fully disclosed
  • High in energy
  • Good endurance
  • It is the best you will find at the GNC stores


  • Each container contains 20 servings
  • Under-dosage of beta-alanine
  • High in caffeine

PreSeries BULK

Powerful and clean, the PreSeries bulk gives an experience that is second to none. It blends in the Pre Workout benefits in a single product

  • Each container contains 30 servings
  • Maximal clinically approved ingredients
  • Natural sweeteners and flavors
  • Provides a clean energy experience


  • Not available on bodybuilding or Amazon
  • Quite pricey

C4 Original

Experience heightened focus and explosive energy during your workout. It is very popular and the most widely sold in the market.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easily available
  • Great flavors
  • 10 specialized varieties


  • Contains artificial colors and sweeteners
  • Not clinically dosed


Nuerocore gives the bang for the buck. It covers the basics at a very affordable price.

  • Very affordable
  • Contains creatine HCL
  • The energy level is reliable
  • Tastes pretty good


  • Artificial dyes and flavors
  • Contains Yohimbe


Kris Gethin’s Pre-Kaged provides most of the pre-workout benefits and still tastes good. The manufacturing process maintains environmental standards to ensure all ingredients are safe.

  • Natural flavors and sweeteners
  • High in creatine HCL
  • Tastes great
  • Easily available


  • The low dose of beta-alanine
  • The stimulant matrix does not contain I-theanine

Health Risks Involved in Using Pre-Workout Supplements

Some potential side effects of using Pre Workout supplements include:
High doses of caffeine, creatine, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, Yohimbe and arginine may result in diarrhea.
Caffeine if taken during the night will get you sleepless. Caffeine lasts for 3-5 hours in the system.
Some ingredients in form of beta-alanine, citrulline malate and arginine promote vasodilation which can bring about headaches. Dehydration during workouts might also result in headaches
High Blood Pressure
Every stimulant increases your blood pressure. This might be a problem if you have a history of high blood pressure.
Tingly Sensations
A prickly or tingly sensation is a common effect of most pre Work out supplements. Vitamin B3, niacin and beta-alanine are some of the ingredients likely to cause this effect.

Alternatives to Pre-Workout Supplements

You do not need to take Pre Work out supplements for a boost. Eating the right foods is enough to fuel you through a tough workout. Consume around 15g of carbs which roughly equates to a slice of bread or half a banana. Research also suggests consuming a diet with a bit of protein and minimal fiber and fat is a good pre-workout boost.