Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Keratosis Pilaris


Here are 5 causes of keratosis pilaris that common experience by the patient. The first is excess production from skin protein, keratin. The excess keratin then entraps into hair follicles and buildup the red bumps. Second, it is occur from genetic disease. Third, the excess dry skin also tends to risk with this condition. Fourth, this keratosis pilaris seems occurs in winter. Five, this is seems as inheritance disease.   From data of DERMAdoctor’s blog, the keratosis pilaris are affecting by most 50% from population.

Symptom of keratosis pilaris

The signs and symptom from keratosis pilaris include:

  • Small bumps that painless. This bumps usually appears in cheek, buttocks, and thigh
  • Skin that dry and rough in bumps area
  • The skin will worse with drier look

Treating keratosis pilaris method

Since the skin condition of keratosis pilaris is genetically triggered, then  there are no permanent method for cure keratosis pilaris . The only way you can do is treat and reduce the appearance by controlling it. There are several methods that you can try for get rid of the keratosis pilaris. The fastest way for control and get rid of keratosis pilaris is by having keratosis pilaris laser treatment. But this can be so expensive.  In addition, you can choose alternative for chemical exfoliation that affordable.  There are forms of treatment options available and what you can do is easy method that will keep your skin clean, eliminate bumps and eliminate the complications such as redness, and discomfort because skin irritation.

  • Glycolic acid. This is organic acids that have mild into moderate exfoliation depend to concentration that use. Glycolic acid is form of AHA as will help to re-texture skin and treat keratosis pilaris skin faster.
  • Lactic acid. This is other method that become favorite of dermatologist that find the treatment for keratosis pilaris. This is ideal cream that perfect for young children. Use lotion that has alpha hydroxide acid that will remove the dead skin cells.
  • Salicylic acid. This should be prescribed with your doctor to treat keratosis pilaris. This salicylic acid has been prescribed for acne, blackheads, and work well as for other skin condition. This can give effective result but also can make your skin dry a lot. There are many face wash that contain with this ingredient.
  • Buff puff exfoliation. The easiest and simplest way for treat and reduce keratosis pilaris bumps is by having regular exfoliation. Exfoliation will removed the dead skin cell in skin surface and the extra pile in follicles over that will make the bumps open up and release the clogged hair follicles, if there any. You can see the visible improvement after regular and routine weeks of treatment. In addition, by using exfoliation, this also will smooth the skin.

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Facts about keratosis pilaris that you need to know

The bumps appear due to keratosis pilaris is not a pimple. The red bumps are such as pimples, but they are not. This keratosis pilaris symptom becomes worse at winter. In winter, the cold and dry air can exacerbates the dry skin and make the keratosis pilaris area flare up and make it worse. As this can re-occur, then it is important for those who have keratosis pilaris for avoid the main 5 causes of keratosis pilaris.

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