Things You Should Know about Keratosis Pilaris and Pregnancy

Keratosis pilaris was a common and harmless condition of skin. This thing causes small and hard bump which make your skin feels like the sandpaper. These bumps usually have light colored. They usually occur on your thighs, upper arms and buttock, sometime they come along with redness or swelling as well. Even, they also able occur on your face, but that is less common. Exception for being itching, keratosis pilaris does not hurt and does not get worse in normal condition. There are many children and teenagers had experienced it, and usually disappear as they getting older. But some women might wonder, does keratosis pilaris get worse during pregnancy?

The keratosis pilaris and pregnancy

Related with keratosis pilaris and pregnancy, women might find their keratosis pilaris symptoms were getting worse because of hormonal change inside their body. Both of pregnancy and publish have their own way in worsening the keratosis pilaris symptoms, such as: dry sin, redness and bump skin in several areas as well. However, despite of frequent increase from keratosis pilaris symptom during pregnancy, it should not be a big deal.

Do’s and don’ts: keratosis pilaris and pregnancy

Although the symptoms of keratosis pilaris were difficult to be prevented, there are many ways that can reduce this unsightly appearance. Firstly, ensure that good health and hygiene go in a long way to minimize the symptoms and repairing you skin’s condition.

There are simple steps to get better skin care during pregnancy. You should note that these steps bellow also able to help the counter effects from keratosis pilaris after pregnancy:

  • You can exfoliate using the natural scrub to clean your skin and removing the dead cells in your skin as well.
  • Wash gently your skin with warm water using the mild soap or scrub which contain minimum or without chemical ingredients.
  • You can apply moisturizer in several times a day, especially after taking a bath to smoothen your affected skin area.
  • Do not ever stretch the affected skin or treat that skin roughly.
  • You can use humidifier during cold season to increase the humidity in your house that can reduce the irritation and drying on keratosis pilaris.
  • Do not ever scrub your dry skin, this is better only pat your dry skin using towel or cloth instead.

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Several home remedies of keratosis pilaris and pregnancy:

For best recommendation, you should avoid the prescription medication when you treat the keratosis pilaris during pregnancy because there is potential risk. Instead, you can consider using natural home remedies as your best alternative.

Eat health food

If you used to eat processed or oiled food, the changes of diet can repair your skin’s condition. You should consume more fruit and veggies.

Stay hydrate

Ensure that you stay hydrate by drink mineral water, especially during cold and winter season.

Apply natural moisturizer

Natural moisturizer that made from coconut oil contain of anti inflammation that can increase your skin health.

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