The Correlation between Keratosis Pilaris and Gluten

Some people believed that keratosis pilaris and gluten has strong connection. Is it a fact or just a myth? A strong rumor spread that reducing or even removing the amount of gluten in the diet program will cure the skin from keratosis pilaris illness. What is it actually? Keratosis pilaris is the medical term to name small bumps found in some skin areas. Legs and arms are the most common areas where this illness occurs.

The cause of keratosis pilaris

Before jumping to the answer whether it is a myth or fact, it will be better to understand first what the cause of this illness is. Keratosis pilaris occurs because of the overproduction of keratin. It is a type of protein with protective characteristic. Too much amount of keratin in someone’s body will cause the skin to show bumps that often surrounded by redness. If it tested microscopically, we could even see the indication of inflammation.

Keratosis pilaris will occur more often on people who suffer from eczema as well as dry skin. It even feels worse when the extreme cold or dry weather is coming. If someone infected by this illness start from when he or she is in a young age, there is a high probability that the amount will be higher during puberty there is no immediate treatment taken. It always is a bad idea to pick or pop the bump. It will increase the scar on skin and eventually lead to discoloration since they leave a dark mark.

Based on some research, it known that there is no genetic factor that could be the cause of keratosis pilaris to transfer from parents to children. It is purely because of inflammatory condition like asthma, allergies or even dry skin. the result also showed that it is associated with the deficiency of fatty acid.

Gluten as the cause of keratosis pilaris

Up until now, there is no study regarding direct relation between gluten ingestion and keratosis pilaris. On the other hand, it is sure that vitamin A or even fatty acid deficiency could be reason behind the occurrences of this illness. So do not get overflow by a rumor easily.

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The right diet for keratosis pilaris patient

It is true that there is no study about the most suitable diet program for keratosis pilaris patient. However, after knowing the cause of this illness we are able to give you suggestion what should you take regarding your food; therefore, you would not make worse your condition. Since keratosis pilaris caused by the lack of fatty acid, what you need to do is consuming food with high amount of fatty acid. Some of them are cold water, salmon, sardines as well as mackerel. It is also good for you to take supplement with fish oil or omega-3 fatty acid. If you are a vegan, then walnuts will be the perfect source of fatty acid for you. To sum up, keratosis pilaris and gluten ingredients in food is not having immense correlation.

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