How Long Is the Incubation Period for Trichomoniasis

How long is the incubation period for trichomoniasis? You should know about the understanding of this disease before you know the incubation time of the disease. This is a sexually transmitted infection that can occur due to parasites. Women who get this infection can cause vaginal discharge, pain during urination, and genital itching. Men who have this infection have no symptoms. Usually, pregnant women with this infection will make the woman give birth to a baby prematurely. The duration of the incubation is 28 days. Both partners should be treated to prevent infection from other organisms. The most common treatment for curing this infection is taking metronidazole. If you want to reduce the risk of infection, then you can use a condom before sex. There are many men and women who suffer from an infection without any symptoms. Vaginal discharge can smell foul because of this infection. The dirt can be green, yellow, gray, and white. The vagina can be itchy and burning. The woman may experience pain during intercourse and urination. Symptoms are rare in men but there are some people who feel certain symptoms. The man may experience irritation of the penis. The man will feel burning during ejaculation.


See a doctor is a right step when you experience the symptoms. This infection is caused by a small parasite called single-celled protozoa. This parasite can move when you have sexual intercourse. The incubation period of infection and exposure is unknown. Doctors estimate that the incubation period of the parasite is 5 to 28 days. Factors that cause you to have this infection is you often change sexual partners. If you have ever had other sexually transmitted diseases, then you have a big risk of being infected with this parasite. If you have unprotected sex, then you can also get infected by this disease. Pregnant women who are infected with this disease may experience premature birth. The woman can also have a baby with a low weight. This infection can spread to the baby as the baby passes through the vagina. If a woman is infected with this parasite, then this can make it easier for the woman to have HIV.

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You should take metronidazole so that the drug works well. These drugs should be taken with multiple doses or single. Your sex partner should take care to remove the disease. Such treatment can reduce recurrent infections of the genital organs. This treatment can also increase the recovering expectations of these patients. You should not have sexual intercourse during the treatment process. The symptoms must be lost and no longer appear. You should avoid having sex for a week after taking the drug. Men who do not have symptoms should keep doing the treatment. This infection does not require certain follow-up when the symptoms are gone. Maybe you can get this infection again so you can take action to avoid the risk of other diseases. You do not need to take the medicine again when the symptoms disappear. Improper treatment can lead to complications such as pelvic inflammation and fertility problems. That is the explanation of how long is the incubation period for trichomoniasis.

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