Home Remedies For Acid Reflux While Pregnant

Acid reflux is common among pregnant women, and if you are one of those pregnant women who suffer from acid reflux you may be interested in getting to know the top 5 home remedies for acid reflux while pregnant. If you have ever seen street performers eating fire as a part of their act, they stick and object that is flaming down their throat all for entertainment purposes. That image probably describes very well how severe heartburn feels when you are pregnant, but there is nothing fun or entertaining about it.

Heartburn, which is a symptom of acid reflux, can happen throughout your pregnancy, at it usually starts right from the beginning and intensifies as your pregnancy goes.

The Causes Of Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Hormones hold the blame for many things during pregnancy, and it also plays a part in causing heartburn among all of the other symptoms of the stomach that it causes. The progesterone hormone relaxes the valve which should prevent your stomach acid from going back to the esophagus, and therefore it becomes easier for your stomach acid to pass and have a chance of irritating the lining of your esophagus.

Hormones also make the digestion process go slower, so you will produce fewer stomach acids. You may think that having less stomach acid is great when you are experiencing acid reflux, but the truth is that having less stomach acid actually creates acid reflux.

Other than your hormones, as your pregnancy goes along your baby will take up an increasing amount of space in your abdomen. The baby will also compress your diaphragm and all of your digestive organs into less room, making it easier for the contents of your stomach to flow right back to your esophagus. The phenomenon becomes more prominent in the last trimester. Therefore, you can see that the aspects that cause acid reflux during pregnancy are natural – what can you do in order to relieve it?

Home Remedies For Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

First of all, you can sip a mixture between a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar with around 8 ounces of water throughout your day and also an hour before you eat your meals. It will increase your stomach acid which will relieve your pain.

The mixture of fresh lemon and water can also balance stomach acids that are low and help your digestion. All you have to do is squeeze one or two fresh lemons into at least 8 ounces of water.

Grate a teaspoon of ginger and steep it for 10 minutes into 8 ounces of hot water in order to make ginger tea. You can drink this ginger tea but remember to use it in moderation as high doses can cause you contractions.

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Coconut water is also great as a natural neutralizer of acid. Other than that, you can drink a lot of plain old water but do not gulp it all at once. Having an intake of water consistently will hydrate you and keep things in flushing through, so your acid reflux will be reduced.

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