High Blood Pressure Can Cause Headaches: Fact or Myth?

When your blood moves through your body, it will push against your arteries, and a measure of how hard the push is what we called as blood pressure. It is considered to be normal if your blood pressure dynamically changes (go and up) throughout the day. However, if it stays up for a certain period of time, doctors will diagnose you to have a high blood pressure, or, we can call it hypertension. Most of us probably believe that high blood pressure can cause headaches. However, we all also need to know that the abnormally high blood pressure is possible to cause even more serious problems like the damage of blood vessels, kidneys, and even the heart. This sort of condition will lead to stroke and heart attack. Therefore, it is quite understandable if high blood pressure is often called as a “silent killer”, since most, it does not even have any symptoms or signs while secretly causing the damage.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

In some cases, it is sometimes hard to find out the exact cause of the high blood pressure. However, there are some common factors causing heart blood pressure that you need to initially know in order to avoid it. Some unhealthy lifestyles like being too overweight, drinking alcohol, and consuming too much salt can be the most common causes of high blood pressure. Being not alive and rarely consuming potassium and calcium can worsen your problem of high blood pressure. However, high blood pressure can also occur due to some unavoidable factors, such as getting older and having a family history of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure and Headache Symptoms

As has been mentioned before, high blood pressure does not show any signs in most cases. Most of the patients do not even know that they are suffering high blood pressure until they consult their doctors because of a particularly serious reason. Some signs that may, but not always, occur are headaches and vision problems. These symptoms usually show up when you have an extremely high blood pressure, which is definitely dangerous for you, called malignant high blood pressure/hypersensitive crisis/hypersensitive emergency.

The Fact About High Blood Pressure and Headache

It is still debatable whether or not high blood pressure can stimulate headaches. Some research claims that there is no relation between the two. On the contrary, the other studies argue that high blood pressure is more than possible to cause headaches, even strongly cause it. There is one thing that we should know first, however. As has been previously discussed, an extremely high blood pressure can cause malignant hypertension. During this condition, pressure in the cranium occurs, which will more than likely cause pain in your head. In some worse conditions, malignant hypertension can also cause blurred vision, nausea, and chest pain. The bad news is that conventional headache treatment like consuming aspirin is not really effective to reduce the pain you feel.

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How to Prevent It?

Although high blood pressure rarely has symptoms, you can still at least prevent it by changing your lifestyles into healthier lifestyles, for example:

  1. Trying to stay at a normal weight
  2. Reducing sodium consumption
  3. Exercising regularly
  4. Avoiding alcohol

By implementing these healthy lifestyles, ones are expected to have a lower risk of suffering high blood pressure. If these tips do not work well enough for you, you may also need to take some pills by firstly consulting your doctor so he/she can see whether or not you have some risk for other problems like diabetes.

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