Do I Need To Fast for Hepatitis Blood Test? Find This Answer

Do I need to fast for hepatitis blood test? This is a question that is often asked by many people before doing blood tests for hepatitis. You should know that hepatitis has a long series of tests that you should do. You should test your cholesterol and blood glucose levels before performing other tests. Patients who already have hepatitis, then the patient is not fasting because the patient must get the nutritional intake. There are some special preparations that should be done by the patient to test for hepatitis. This is different from a blood donor who says you should eat something to donate blood. The antibody test for hepatitis uses blood flow. This test aims to look for antibodies from this virus that is in your bloodstream. Officers only require a small blood sample from your body to complete the test.

Your Preparation before the Test

You do not need any preparation to perform this test. You do not have to fast to do this test. Each individual has different reactions to deal with this virus. Humans need an average time of 8 to 9 weeks to produce antibodies. This is a good time to test for hepatitis C. You should have a follow-up test for three months after exposure to the virus to know that you are not infected with active hepatitis. There are many laboratories that have advanced testing tools so that the results of these tests can be quickly identified. You should select a laboratory with sophisticated and complete equipment. The lab must have a doctor who will advise you to take some tests.

The Result of the Test

If your test results say negative, the hepatitis C antibody is not found in your blood. If the test results show positive, then hepatitis C antibody has been found in your blood. There is a rare case that shows 10% false positives. The case is caused because of the antibodies of this virus found in your body because your body may have attacked this virus in the past. The doctor will definitely advise you to do follow-up tests when you get positive results. This is done to know that you have the possibility of active infection. You can do this test now. You need to know the facts about your health quickly. Health is a treasure for you so you have to keep your body healthy.

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The Right Time to Do the Test

If you have been exposed to sharp objects or needles, then you may be infected so you should take this test. If you have had sexual intercourse with a person who is likely to have hepatitis, then you should take this test. Excommunicated sexual intercourse can cause you to develop this disease. Taking the current test is the most appropriate choice for you. You can prevent this hepatitis from turning into acute hepatitis. You need 8 to 9 weeks and this is the time recommended by your doctor. If you have not done other tests such as hepatitis A and B, then you can take all the tests to ensure that you are absolutely healthy and free of infection. That is the explanation and complete answer about do I need to fast for hepatitis blood test?

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