Knowing the Hepatic Venous Pressure Gradient Calculation (HVPG)

Have you ever heard about hepatic venous pressure gradient calculation? Hepatic venous pressure gradient commonly called as HVPG and it has function to diagnose the condition of a patient. Actually, HVPG usually used in liver disease diagnosis. Talking about liver disease, there are so many types of liver diseases. What is type of liver disease can be diagnosed using HVPG measurement? Find the answer below.

HVPG and Liver Disease

As mentioned above, liver disease is varies. Not every liver disease can be diagnosed using HVPG. So, what is the type of liver disease can be measured by HVPG calculation? The common disease can be measured by HVPG is portal hypertension. Have you ever heard about it?

Actually, portal hypertension is a severe consequence of chronic liver diseases. So, when a patient experience chronic liver disease, they have a risk to suffer portal hypertension. Nowadays, HVPG measurement is the best method to evaluate the severity or presence of portal hypertension. People diagnosed with portal hypertension if there is an increase in HVPG to >10 mmHg.

From some explanation above, we can conclude that HVPG calculation or measurement is useful to diagnose people with liver disease. Using HVPG, we will know whether the patient experiences portal hypertension or not. After knowing the condition of patient, doctors will know the best treatment to prevent bad risk. Portal hypertension will cause bad effect if it is not treated by right treatment. So, knowing a person has portal hypertension or not is so important to determine the next treatment should be received.

Recognizing Portal Hypertension

Now, we have known that portal hypertension can be known or diagnosed using HVPG calculation. But, some of you may be not familiar with portal hypertension. What is portal hypertension? As mentioned before, portal hypertension can indicate the severity level of chronic liver disease. Portal hypertension is hypertension on portal venous (venous that brings blood from intestine to liver).

Until today, there are so many cases of portal hypertension. In various countries, the cause of portal hypertension is an increase the blood stream caused by cirrhosis. Finally, portal hypertension causes the form of venous blood vessel. The condition makes substances that should be released from blood by liver will enter in big circulation.

Symptom of portal hypertension is varies. Portal hypertension usually causes lymph enlargement. It makes the fluid from liver enters stomach cavity. Finally, it will cause bleeding on varicose venous on gastric layer and rectum. When it happens, it will make a patient sufferer than before.

How to handle portal hypertension? This disease can be handled by lowering the tension on portal venous. Propanolol can be used for lowering the blood pressure. If the use of medicine is not effective and portal hypertension causes bleeding, surgery can be done to handle it. But, surgery has high risk to cause brain malfunction and liver failure.

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Well, those are some information for you. We can conclude that HVPG is useful to measure or diagnose portal hypertension. Hopefully the information about hepatic venous pressure gradient calculation above will give you some references about portal hypertension and liver disease.

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