10 Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves and Side Effects

Soursops may not be the most popular fruit in the United States, but they are certainly popular in African and Asian countries. Soursops are an acidic fruit which comes from an evergreen tree. They are actually very wide leaves known as broadleaves. The fruit has a sweet and sour taste while emitting a pleasant aroma. Some people describe it as a combination of strawberry and pineapple. However, the best thing about soursop leaves is their medicinal and nutritional benefits. People in developing countries use soursops to treat all kinds of health issues.

Below are the 10 health benefits of soursop leaves.

1) Gout Treatment – If you have a disease called gout, which comes from a uric acid defection in your metabolism, then soursop can treat this problem. Boil 2 cups of water with about 10 leaves in it. Consume this twice per day.

2) Cancer Treatment – Soursops contain anti-cancer properties which can hinder the growth of cancer cells in the body. One research study showed that soursop is actually 10,000 times more effective at fighting cancer than chemotherapy is.

3) Diabetes Treatment – If you regularly have high blood sugar levels or have obtained early diabetes, soursop leaves can regulate your blood sugar and get these levels back to normal. As long as you practice a balanced diet along with it, you could possibly reverse your diabetes altogether.

4) Rheumatism Treatment – If you develop rheumatic arthritis or any rheumatic disease, soursop leaves can reduce your pain and help you relax more. You apply them directly to the area of your body that is in pain.

5) Back Pain Treatment – A lot of people experience back pains these days because they live such sedentary lifestyles. If you need a temporary remedy to this pain, boil 5 cups of water with 20 soursop leaves in it. Drink about 1 cup per day to feel the relief.

6) Anti-Inflammatory – Any kind of inflammation that you might endure from a disease can be treated with soursop leaves. If you experience any kind of redness or swelling on your body, soursop leaves have anti-inflammatory properties to help with this. You can apply it directly to the skin and consume it orally to achieve this benefit.

7) Infection Prevention – Soursop leaves are great for the immune system. If you are someone who easily gets sick, these leaves can make you less susceptible to infections and common viruses.

8) Good for Hair – Soursop leaves have herbal properties which can moisturize the scalp and hair when they’re dry. These leaves can also stop parasites or lice from spreading on your scalp too.

9) Eczema Treatment – Eczema can cause redness, itchiness, and pain on the skin. If you apply soursop leaves as a topical treatment, they can relieve these symptoms considerably. Other skin problems that could be treated include blackheads and acne.

10) Weight Loss – If you are trying to lose weight then soursop leaves might be able to assist you in this effort. Its properties are known for boosting the metabolism so that you can burn calories faster. Of course, you still need to be conservative with your eating regimen and always make smarter food choices.

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Side Effects

Even though soursop has a lot of health benefits, some studies suggest that soursop leaves have a high level of toxicity to them. Some people who’ve regularly consumed soursop have developed kidney disorders, liver disorders, movement disorders, and high blood pressure. If you are going to keep consuming soursop fruit or supplements on a regular basis, you should consult with a doctor and get annual physicals to make sure it is not hurting our health.

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