5 Reason Why Have Headache in the Morning

Health is the most precious gift God has given us that we must guard. Among ways to maintain health is to get enough rest. Stop from any activity so that the body tired after doing the movement during the day can return to normal. Sleep is one of the best breaks because with sleep, we can rest all the activities of the brain and body simultaneously so that when we wake up, the body will feel fresh again, the brain again can think with a clear and calm. Most people start doing a lot of activity in the morning. After waking up, many activities are waiting for you to do. But what happens if you have to do sudden activity you feel headache. Headache is not a disease, but a symptom of another underlying disease. Because the Headache description can vary from person to person, it is not always easy to determine the underlying cause. Although usually not a sign of a serious illness, these symptoms still require a doctor’s examination, especially if it persists to interfere with the life of the patient. Here below are the reason why you have headache in the morning:

  1. Low Blood Pressure

Some of the causes are heart problems, dehydration, bleeding, pregnancy, and vitamin B12 deficiency. When we sleep in conditions of dehydration or lack of fluids, chances are we will feel dizzy when waking up. The solution, drink enough water before bed, or provide water beside the bed so that when you wake up we feel dizzy, we can immediately drink. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause low blood pressure. Vitamin B12 serves to increase the production of red blood cells. If deficiency, it will arise anemia that causes blood pressure to decrease. In addition to easy dizziness, other effects of vitamin B12 deficiency is easily drowsy, easy to tingle, sun-resistant and reduced appetite.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety and restless sleep-induced make our breath go in and out quickly to disrupt the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. In effect, the arteries become narrow and when you wake up your head will feel dizzy. The solution, if we have a problem, solve the problem as soon as possible so as not to get carried away to sleep. If the problem is not finished yet, realize that there is still tomorrow to think and solve the problem. Now is the time to rest.

  1. Vertigo

Vertigo is a headache caused by a balance disorder on the inside of the ear. Dizziness is usually accompanied by a sensation of spin as if pulled into another nature. In many cases, vertigo sufferers are also accompanied by hearing loss. Other symptoms of vertigo are nausea, muscle pain, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.

  1. Drug Side Effects

Drugs do have their respective properties. Headache medicine has the efficacy of relieving or relieving headaches. Efficacious flu medicine relieves and treats flu. Abdominal pain medicine efficacious cure stomach ache. So did the others. However, almost all drugs also have side effects for drinkers. Among the various side effects that exist, headache is one of them.

  1. Suddenly Awakened

Another cause of dizziness after waking up is shocked or awakened unexpectedly.

Medically not a matter of getting upset or suddenly awakened. It’s just that getting up this way makes the atmosphere uncomfortable and affects the mood. Sometimes also accompanied by a throbbing chest and headache.

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All the facts above are the reasons why you have headaches in the morning. Therefore for those of you who experience the things above can consult to the doctor. So, always keep your health!

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