Are headache normal during menstruation? See the answer here!

Have ever felt something which is different during your menstruation period? I am sure that most of women ever got some syndromes during their period. Some of you maybe feel unwell, get abdominal pain, headache and any other symptoms during the menstruation. Are headache normal during menstruation? Well we are going to tell you more about headache, menstruation and the relation between headache and menstruation below.

What is menstruation?

Menstruation is a period or monthly woman’s uterine lining. It takes the blood to exit through the vagina. The average of menstruation period is around three to 7 days in a month. Most of menstruation has various period. It depends on the age, health and the fertility. The first time of a woman get the period is around 15 years old. Then, the period will stop around 45-55 years old. Usually, menstruation becomes the sign that a girl has turned into a woman. This is the first stage of puberty for the girls.

There are some kinds of symptoms that you will feel before and during the menstruation. It is usually called PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. First, they will change their mood and they will be more sensitive during the period. They can be mad and sad easily. Then, they usually get a cramp. Cramp is really normal during a menstruation. A hormone level has raised, so it can affect to the women both emotionally and physically. Some of them feel bloated, sore breast, cramp and even headaches.

Headache during menstruation

Why do you get a headache during a menstruation? Well, there are some reasons why people get headache during the period. First, you will lose a lot of blood during your period, so there is no blood which flow to the brain and head. So, it can cause a headache. Second, you will get a headache if you have a low blood pressure level. The blood pressure will become lower during a menstruation. It cause a pain on your head. Third, if you have an anemia, this condition can increase the risk of headache during the menstruation. You will have less hemoglobin level and it will be least if you have your period. It can cause headache and vertigo. Fifth, people will not have headache and migraine when they have a high level of estrogen and progesterone. Then, before the menstruation, the level of estrogen is getting lower. It will cause the headache during the period.

How do you solve this problem? Well, people need to eat a lot of food which rich of estrogen. It can help to increase your estrogen hormone. It can reduce the risk of headache. Then, you have to drink a lot of water during the menstruation. People can get a lot of liquid which are needed during the period.

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So, when people say are headache normal during menstruation, I will say yes. There are some reason why people or women get headache during the menstruation. There are some evidences to prove about this case. The blood pressure, estrogen level, anemia and hemoglobin can affect to the women’s condition.

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