The causes and treatments of headache after swimming

Do you like swimming? Well, swimming is one the activity done on the water. It is a kind of sport, many people like to do this activity. Have you ever heard about getting a headache after swimming? Or maybe, have you ever got headache after swimming? What should you do to solve this problem? Here we are going to tell you about the causes of headache after swimming.

The causes of headache after swimming

First, there is an external cause of headache after swimming. It can be caused by the usage of swimming hat and swimming goggles. If you put the swimming hat and goggles which are too tight, it can make a pain into your head. It happens because of the pressure from those swimming tools. Then, what should you do? You have to put the hat and goggles carefully. It is better to change the position of hat and goggles regularly, it can reduce the pressure in one spot. Then, you can change and buy the soft rubber and put it on your swimming goggles. It can help to reduce the pain.

Second, headache after swimming can be caused by the excertional pain. People will get a really hurt pain when they do a high activity, like swimming. They will fell the heavy head, painful and nausea. It can cause the pain of their head.

Third, Sinus can cause headache after swimming. People can get the inflammation on the cavity of their cheekbone and forehead. It happens because of the chlorine that people get from the swimming pool. Chlorine is used to clean and wash the water inside the swimming pool. It can be so dangerous if somebody take the water with chlorine inside their nose. People can but the swimming pinching nose to protect their nose from the water during they swim.

Fourth, headache can be caused by the head disorder when you are swimming. People with the balance disorder, neurotransmitter, hormonal, circulation have a big risk of getting headache after swimming.

Treatment to prevent headache after swimming

First, you have to put on the comfortable swimming suit. Don’t wear the suit which is too big or too small. Then, it is better to prepare the swimming properties before swimming. You can tied and fix the goggles. Next, it is better to find the swimming hat which is fit to your head. It will make you comfortable and reduce the risk of getting pain.

Second, it is good to have meals before swimming. If you had been full, you don’t need to be worry. You will not get some healthy problems after swimming.

Third, it is better to do some exercises before and after swimming. People need to warm up their bodies before having a heavy activity or sport like swimming. It will help you to relax the muscles. And, unfortunately, it will help to reduce the risk of getting headache.

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So, there are some causes and advices before swimming. You have to pay attention to the causes of headache after swimming. Then, you can avoid the causes before going to swim.

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