Kenalog Hay Fever Injection Side Effects

Do you know about hay fever? Well, it is a kind of allergic reaction to a pollen which can affect to the respiratory system, such as: nose, throat and it also can infect to your eyes. Then, what is the correct treatment for this allergic? Have you ever heard about kenalog injection? It is one of the treatment to solve this disease. Do you know about the kenalog hay fever injection side effects? Does it give a dangerous side effect? Here, we are going to tell you about it below.

What is Kenalog Injection?

Kenalog injection is a kind of injection which is directly injected to our muscle for having a long lasting  effect on inflammatory condition which might cause an effect in our body. It can reduce the inflammation in hay fever or allergic condition. How does it work? Kenalog condition contains of a triamcinolone which is a kind of corticosteroid. It is a kind of hormone which is usually produced by the adrenal glands. It has a function to control the inflammatory system. Triamcinolone can help to reduce inflammatory. It aims to control kinds of inflammatory diseases, such as: allergic, asthma and arthritis. It is done by doing an injection into the muscle. Then, the bloodstream will absorb triamcinolone which might be very useful. It will give an effect for around 3 weeks per injection. It can reduce the symptoms for the one who get hay fever by doing an injection.

You have to pay attention more about this injection. People who has another disease have to get this kenalog injection only in a low dose. People with a diabetes and high blood pressure might need an extra monitoring in getting this injection. The pregnancy mother need to ask to the doctor about the condition. Because it might give a bad effect to the infant.

The Side Effects

There are some side effects that might affects to your health. But, not all of the kenalog injection will give a side effect. It depends on how often you do this injection and the amount of kenalog injection which has been done. The higher doses and the longer treatment might be one of the things which can bring a side effect to your body.

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The side effect which is usually happened is a headache and the increasing of blood sugar level. Then the high doses of kenalog injection can cause the weakness of your muscle and osteoporosis. It can also cause the skin damage, such as: stretch marks, acne and the pigmentation change. The longer treatment can cause depression and affect to your eyes, such as: glaucoma and cataracts. The kenalog injection can affect to the menstrual period. A woman will get a menstrual period which is different. It might be shorter or longer of the period. Then, you can ask and share with the doctor about your condition, you might ask about the kenalog hay fever injection side effects. So, you can know the negative effect which might happened and you will understand how to solve it before doing a kenalog injection.

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