How is Glandular Fever Transmitted? And How To Treatments

How is glandular fever transmitted? For children, it can be transmitted because the habit of sucking and sharing toys where the saliva get infected with Epstein Barr virus. For adults, glandular fever can happen because intimate contact such as sharing a kissing. Because they make contact through saliva, this virus can infect the person and remains in his or her body.

How To Stop Infection of Glandular Fever Only In A Few Days

  • So, how to stop infection of glandular fever only in a few days? Because the symptoms might can ruin your busy days at work and you need to prevent it fastly. You can do these steps to make this disease stop :
  • First, make sure to go to doctor and check yourself there. Early diagnosis and treatment will make the infection gone fast as you wish. For medication, usually aspirin is one recommendation although it is not for children under 12. That is why you need doctor to give you specific recipe for your healthiness.
  • Incubation and taking a rest is really vital thing to do, during your illness and one month after your prevention, better not to do something heavy in activities and sports. Stay away from many people and give yourself nutrition from healthy foods to cure the fever and make your strong condition back again.
  • Also, make sure to always clean yourself. Maybe it is nothing to do with the infection but keep getting clean yourself will make you feel comfortable and fresh, also far from worse condition of glandular fever.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Infected With Glandular Fever

You also need to know what you shouldn’t do when infected with glandular fever. These things can make your condition getting worse so make sure to avoid it for your faster and better prevention :

  • Environment is one thing that can make your condition getting worse. After infected with glandular fever, better to take a rest for a few days and not to force yourself to work or finish the job. Dirts, pollution and talking with many people can make your infection stay with yourself. In another bad case, your fever can infect your friends or someone close to you. Of course you don’t want that to happen, do you?
  • Don’t just think glandular fever as an ordinary fever you should keep silent about. You need to take fast treatment to cure it effectively. Because there is no vaccine about glandular fever so the possibility and risk of its infection can happen to anyone.
  • Sharing and intimate contact is two important thing you should avoid when infected with glandular fever. Share another kissing will make people get infected with your disease so make sure you won’t do that again. Sharing your beverage by drinking in one cup also can make people get infection of your disease. Really need to take care and aware of that.

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Now, what do you think? If you are accidentally infected with glandular fever, we totally wish you will get well and being fit to begin your day. You also need to learn from your mistakes by not letting this disease happen again to you. Hope you understand that how is glandular fever transmitted!

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