Symptoms and Info about Glandular Fever In Older Adults

Symptoms of glandular fever in older adults is something you should understand clearly. Because many people don’t know about this and what makes this fever happened to them. Glandular fever is different than ordinary fever although both of them are commonly a temporary illness. But still, you don’t want to make it worse or give it a risky effect by letting it stay inside your body. That is why we will tell you a few important things about glandular fever you should know. Listen to us if you are older adults who need more information about this!

Definition and Symptoms of  Glandular Fever

People often says make a joke about “Kissing disease” but actually it is true and can happen to anybody. This is a disease where a person catches fever after she or he kissed somebody with Epstein Barr virus. But another name of Kissing Disease is Glandular Fever, which ironically less-known than “Kissing Disease”.

The symptoms are easily read : You will experience fever, maybe flu and sore throat, also uncomfortable or warm feeling all over your body. Some illness might getting worse by experiencing headache or heavy fever.  For older adults, it can happen for 1 to several weeks although the possibility of getting  serious complications is very small. The big cause is also different in so many cases, mostly because the kissing because glandular fever can easily infected through saliva. But not only that, you can get glandular fever because environment or accidentally sucking or eating something infected with this Epstein Barr virus. Usually, by taking a rest and getting right fever medication you will get well sooner. But don’t forget to take further diagnosis if after a few days, the symptoms are rarely gone.

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How To Avoid Glandular Fever In Older Adults

Read these tips how to avoid glandular fever in older adults effectively :

  • For older adults, because the cause is mostly come from the kissing, maybe they need to aware if their lover is having fever or another disease. Stay away from intimate contact until your lover is totally gone well so the risk of getting glandular fever will be near zero.
  • Some older adults might have bad habits on easily sucking, eating or touching everything without knowing it could give them infection. Glandular fever can happen in this way too, so make sure always keep clean your hands and don’t just touch or eat anything without protection. Hand-washing is really important everyday.
  • Not only because kissing, by sharing your drinks or glasses with somebody, it can give bigger possibility of having glandular fever. Contact with saliva can happen in there. So make sure to avoid this thing, and better not to share your cup with them for safer and healthier reason.

Overall, we totally hope you will love our information about glandular fever. Although it is not a heavy or dangerous disease but the infection and treatment will take time and also will affect your daily life. With right treatment and care, of course you will stop the disease. Not only that, very important to know the symptoms so you can avoid it before it is getting worse. We wish our tips above can help you so much so there will be no symptoms of glandular fever in older adults.

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