Is Glandular Fever Dangerous In Pregnancy? The Answer is No

Do you ever hear about Glandular fever? It is a kind of viral infections which is cause by Epstein-Barr viruses. It can affect to all ages, especially teenager and young adult. Usually, this viral infection is infected by saliva, mucus and tear. How long glandular fever affects? It will affect around two until three weeks. There are some symptoms that you need to be aware. The first symptom is you will get a high temperature more than 38 Celsius. Second, if you feel that your sore throat is hurt, you need to be carefully. Third, your gland will look swollen. Fourth, you get tired easily. If you get all of those symptoms, you need to go to the doctor to check whether you get this viral infection or not. Is Glandular fever dangerous in pregnancy? Well, we are going to discuss about it below.

Causes of Glandular Fever

There are some causes which might be the spreading of this virus. It is usually called as kissing disease. Most of them think that this infection is caused by kissing. French kiss is the main cause which can infect this viral infection. Because people share their lips and tongue, then they will get the saliva which turn into their partner. Coughing and sneezing can also spread this viral infection. If someone sneeze and cough in front of you without covering his mouth, you need to be careful. There will be a bacterium or virus which can spread into your body. Then, you have to be aware in taking the plate, spoon and cup in the public restaurant. You have to choose and make sure that they wash the dishes until clean. Because the dirt dishes can be the cause of the spreading of this viral infection.

Glandular Fever Treatment

How do we treat this kind of disease? People need to take a rest and get a well sleep to decrease the risk of this infection. You can get more energy too after rest enough. They also need to drink a lot of mineral water which might help to reduce this infection. It can also be used to prevent the risk of dehydration. Moreover, you can take the painkiller as the treatment for this disease. You can go to the doctor if you feel so worry about this condition. The doctor will check all of your health and he will say about your health condition whether you are infected by gland fever or another disease. Maybe, he will give you the medical treatment or medicine for solving your problem. Then you can prevent the infection of this disease through many ways. People can wash hand regularly to kill the viruses. You can put on the soap in washing your hands. Then, you also have to wash the clothes cleanly to prevent the spreading of the viral infection.

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Is glandular fever dangerous for pregnancy?

Even though glandular fever is a kind of viral infection, you don’t need to be worry about it. It will not affect to the unborn baby. If you get an infection of glandular fever, you will not spread this virus to the baby inside your tummy.

So, these are all about glandular fever. You have known about the causes and how to treat if you are infected by its viruses. Then if you ask me is glandular fever dangerous in pregnancy? Definitely, I will say big No.

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