5 Symptoms of Gastric Flu In Adults

In this article we are going to discuss about symptoms and early signs of gastric or stomach flu attack. Though it has a same term, but influenza and gastric flu is much different. If influenza attacks respiration channel, gastric flu infects intestine and gastric. But, the main cause of both flues is same in which it is caused by viruses. The symptoms of gastric flu are mostly felt within 1 to 3 days after being infected starting from mild to be severe. Here is the list of common gastric flu symptoms to know.

Stomachache and Vomit

Stomachache is possibly influenced due to some factors. Those are eating wrong foods, saturated, and the other causing factor. If you suffer gastric flu, you will have stomachache. Your stomach is getting painful and nausea. Most of the people indicate it as a common stomachache or disease. The stomachache is guessed to be a symptom of gastric acid increase due to eating late or the other symptoms. That is why you need to know the further symptoms.

Stomachache is often included vomit and nausea. It makes you uncomfortable so that you just sleep to relieve this bad feeling. The vomit and nausea are possibly happened due to bacteria invading deep body parts especially stomach. The case of vomit and nausea with often frequency per a day needs to be checked to doctor to ensure that it is one of 5 symptoms of gastric flu in adults.


Do you have a sudden headache? Your head getting suddenly dizzy and headache is suspicious. The headache included stomachache is still related to a common disease when you are tired. But, it is not wrong to go to the doctor to make sure your condition after having those symptoms.


Fever can appear as a symptom of gastric flu. If you concern it more, of course headache, vomit, nausea, and fever relate to flu. But, when your body temperature increases, there are still other possibilities about the other diseases. That is why it is better to check up earlier. This is getting much better than you wait it for a while.

Stomach Cramps

There is still an uncomfortable symptom making you annoyed. This is stomach cramp. This condition is often felt by women getting menstruation. If men or older people get this symptom, it is better to do a further check up in the doctor. Moreover, when stomach cramp occur for times included vomit and nausea, this is potentially a symptom of gastric flu.

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The danger of less drinking water is dehydration. This condition is dangerous and harmful for body. When you drink more and you feel dehydrate and weak, it is not normal condition to your body. You need to check your health up in the hospital or doctor. Dehydration is a condition in which you get lack of liquid. Even, in a serious dehydration, it is causing you high fever. That is so bad to fight for without medical treatment. Those are some 5 symptoms of gastric flu in adults.

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