Benefits and Side Effects of Garlic Tablet for Yeast Infection

Is garlic tablet good for yeast infections? Actually, garlic does have a compound that can kill the yeast. Yeast infections are commonly found in women. Men can also experience this infection. The vagina can be attacked by Candida albicans yeast. This is yeast that can cause certain symptoms in the vagina. The vagina will feel itchy, irritated, and can discharge white with a foul odor. Yeast infections will be experienced by men on the head of the penis. Other cases mention that yeast can be found in the mouth that makes your mouth bleeding, irritated, and redness. The yeast infection is called oral thrush. Passion can indeed occur with sex but this condition is not included in the category of sexually transmitted infections. Candida albicans is a common bacterium that is not too harmful to humans but this bacterium can make you suffer from canker sores because of chemicals in the body that are not balanced.

Garlic Tablets and Yeast Infection

This infection can be treated with over-the-counter. You can take a tablet or apply the cream on your body. Yeast infections in mild levels require only a short treatment. Usually, the treatment can last for one to three days. The putting onion has allicin. It is a compound that has anti yeast properties. This compound can also effectively fight Candida bacteria. Garlic does have a positive effect to cure yeast infection but this material has not been the best treatment among other drugs sold in the market.

The Result of Study

There are studies in 2010 conducted on 64 women. Women with yeast infection were put into two groups. The first group was given a cream with thyme and garlic content. The second group was given a cream with clotrimazole content. This cream is used to treat infections caused by yeast. Both groups have similar results. These results suggest that garlic has the same effectiveness as clotrimazole to treat yeast infections. There are other studies conducted in 2014. This study was conducted on 63 women who had Candida infections. The first group took 3 tablets of garlic. The second group took the tablet pasebo. The group consumes the tablet daily. The group showed no significant difference in the number of Candida in 14 days. These results suggest that researchers should conduct further research on the effectiveness of garlic to treat yeast infections.

The Dosage

The recommended dose for taking garlic tablets is 800 to 1200 mg per day. You can consume tablets with a content of 200 mg of black garlic extract per day. Black garlic is only needed in small amounts because it has higher allicin content than garlic.

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Side Effects

If you take a dose that has been suggested by experts, then the garlic tablet is safe for consumption. These tablets can cause side effects or allergic reactions. These effects are digestive problems, throat irritation, and redness of the mouth. Severe cases can make you experience internal bleeding and asthma attacks. This risk can increase as you become pregnant. You should not take this tablet while pregnant because it can increase the risk of bleeding. That is the explanation of is garlic tablet good for yeast infections?

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