Knowing The Early Symptoms of Flu During Pregnancy

Flu caused by the common flu virus. But, as you are carrying a baby, you need to take care about the health of both you and your baby. You can’t take any kind of medication without consulting it with a doctor. It possibly harms the baby growth and your pregnancy. You will be a mother and you need to know about these flu symptoms for a healthy pregnancy.

The Symptoms

Generally, flu is not dangerous condition. Flu may not make you feel bad and awful, but it presents a risk to your health and your baby. If you are ill and have high fever for more than few days, have sore throat, you may have the flu. The flu that is affected in a pregnant woman tends to be worse than those who are not pregnant. It’s recommended to have flu vaccination for pregnant women to protect against the flu virus earlier. If you have severe cough at the same time with the flu, you need to make sure that the fetus is protected by not coughing too hard.

The Treatments

The flu is caused by virus, so if you consume antibiotics, it doesn’t work. The use of medical treatment can make you feel better by relieving the symptoms. But, it will not heal the flu. You may take some nonmedical treatments as it’s safer and effective to relieve the flu as well. You can drink plenty amount of water or other water source such as the chicken soup, juices, or tea. The using of mentholated product like Vicks Vaporub is also effective to relieve the flu symptoms. It’s better to take a warm shower to help clearing the mucus and nasal stuffiness. To make the symptoms get better faster, you need to take plenty of rest.

The Medications

Generally, the using of medications should be avoided during the first trimester when it’s forming its first organs. There are some medications that are recommended to be consumed by pregnant mother for symptom relief. There are decongestants and cough suppressant and expectorants. Decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine, is the remedy for cold and allergies. But it should not be consumed by people with high blood pressure, regardless they are pregnant or not. Cough suppressant and expectorant such as dextromethorphan, is safe for pregnant woman.

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If you get fever as the symptom of the flu during the pregnancy, you can take medications to get it down and have some rest. But, if it doesn’t work, then you need to call a doctor. You can try to drink plenty of cool fluids because the fever might increase the fluid and sweat loss. Avoid to drink alcohol if you have the flu symptoms, and it’s also better to not drink alcohol during the pregnancy.

Even though you can take the medical treatments, it is better to prevent yourself from flu virus. Consuming healthy meals and having light daily exercise are the best alternative to avoid early flu symptoms in pregnancy.

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