Flagyl And Yeast Infection In Women

Can Flagyl cause yeast infection? Women likely have bigger chance in yeast infection. Before answering this question, we need to know the cause of yeast infection and the proper way of Flagyl consumption. Flagyl is one form of Metronidazole which is an antimicrobial drug used to treat various infections caused by protozoan microorganisms and anaerobic bacteria. Both types of organisms can live and multiply without the help of oxygen. They often cause infections in body parts such as the abdominal cavity, pelvic cavity, and gums.

Flagyl and Yeast Infection

Before using metronidazole, take note and follow the information provided by your doctor, and read the information on the package. Consume metronidazole with food and swallow the tablet intact with a glass of water. Make sure there is enough time between one doses with the next dose. If you forget to drink metronidazole, it is advisable to immediately take it if the break with the next drinking schedule is not too close.

Here are some common factors that can cause yeast infection in women:

  • Health conditions that affect your immune system, such as sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Women with diabetes, whose blood sugar is not well controlled, are also prone to vaginal yeast infections. This is because the high sugar content helps breed yeast.
  • Active antibiotics (including Flagyl) that kill the lactobacillus bacteria. These bacteria are good bacteria that control the amount of yeast in your vagina.

Another Causes of yeast infection in women

Yeast infection can occur due to various reasons. Some women are exposed to this yeast infection during menstruation or during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Some birth control pills can also increase the risk of getting yeast infections. Yeast, or by the name of Candida latin, is a fungus that can stay virtually anywhere. This fungus is naturally present in your body, but your immune system keeps it under control so this fungus does not multiply uncontrollably.

Every woman has some number of yeast cells in her vagina. When these yeast cells grow to levels above normal then women suffer from vaginal yeast infections. These infections are usually not very serious and very easy to treat. They are also very common in many women and should not be something to worry you if you find yourself with one.

The vagina has many bacteria and a large number of yeast cells for it should be considered healthy or normal. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most common bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria help to keep all other bacteria at normal levels. If something happens to change the yeast balance these bacteria tends to grow more than it should cause a yeast infection. Simple things like taking antibiotics for other diseases can cause an imbalance in bacteria and cause yeast infections.

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If this bacterium does not control the yeast in your vagina, then what happens is that the yeast in your vagina increases until it causes infection. The answer of the question “Can Flagyl cause yeast infection in women?” is “Yes”; under circumstances.

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