What is Benefit of Fermented Cod Liver Oil for Keratosis Pilaris?

Have you known about benefit of fermented cod liver oil for keratosis pilaris? Actually, fermented cod liver oil is a good choice to solve keratosis pilaris. What is keratosis pilaris? Why it can be solved by fermented cod liver oil? Find the answer below.

Recognizing Keratosis Pilaris

Some people may be not familiar with keratosis pilaris. Keratosis pilaris often called as chicken skin. Yes, people with keratosis pilaris have skin with dry or hard surface, like chicken skin. On the skin surface, appear little bumps. This condition usually appears on hand area, thigh, cheek, and also ass. The bumps often feel itchy and looks red, but the condition in every person is different.

Keratosis pilaris usually suffered by woman, and this skin disease usually suffered by adults. Most patients also suffer this condition when they are in puberty. Whenever you feel little bumps in your skin area, you have to check your condition to dermatologist. Other signs of keratosis pilaris are dry and rough skin surface. To avoid worst condition, you have to go to dermatologist. A dermatologist will know the best treatment for you.

The Benefit of Fermented Cod Liver Oil for Keratosis Pilaris

Having skin that attacked by keratosis pilaris may be so disgusting for some people. They feel so unconfident when showing their skin. It will also make them feel so frustration. What to do when the condition happens to you? Although keratosis pilaris looks bad, it doesn’t mean that you can’t heal it. There are some ways you can use for solving this problem.

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Keratosis pilaris can be solved by consuming best nutrients. Best nutrients for solving keratosis pilaris is vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K. You may be curious about what the best food that contains those nutrients. Actually, you can find them on fermented cod liver oil. It is the reason of why fermented cod liver oil gives many benefits for people with keratosis pilaris. Because contains vitamin A, D and K, here are the benefits of fermented cod liver oil for keratosis pilaris:

  • Gives enough vitamin A for your skin. Actually, vitamin A needed by skin to reduce excessive keratin (the cause of keratosis pilaris). When your skin getsenough vitamin A, you will be free of keratosis pilaris. Vitamin A is also good to make your skin free of rough, dry and scaly bumps.
  • Gives enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is neededby skin to be always health. Actually, vitamin D can be got from sun exposure. But, you may be difficult to know whether your skin gets enough vitamin D or not. So, consuming fermented cod liver oil is the best choice to give enough vitamin D for your skin.
  • Gives enough vitamin K. Vitamin K is also needed by skin. This vitamin is rare vitamin that can’t be found easily in food. But, you can find it on fermented cod liver oil. So, consuming fermented cod liver oil is a good solution to give enough vitamin K for your skin. We can conclude that benefit of fermented cod liver oil for keratosis pilarisis so varies and will make us free of keratosis pilaris.

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