10 the Best and Safe Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Become pregnant means that women should pay very great attention not only for their health but also the baby health. Using essential oils can be a great natural option for helping them with some pregnancy issues but they have to choose the safe one.

1. Lavender

Some women have kind of worry about using lavender essential oil during pregnancy because it can regulate menstruation. In fact, it is actually safe for pregnant women but they must use it correctly. It is great for sciatic nerve pain, stress, and anxiety treatment. It can be used for helping pregnant women with amnesia as bedroom aromatherapy.

2. German Chamomile

Pregnant women will find a great function from German chamomile essential oil because it can be used for helping dry skin and also stretch mark.

3. Eucalyptus

Some women can suffer from chest congestion or cold during their pregnancy. They can utilize eucalyptus essential oil for treating the congestion in chest as well as stuffy noses.

4. Cypress

Cypress essential oil actually can also be useful for treating the stuffy nose and congestion for pregnant women. However, it also has other uses for pregnant women. It can help for dealing with the ankle swelling as well as leg cramps which must be familiar with pregnant women.

5. Black Pepper

Black pepper will be a great element for cooking but we can make sure that black pepper essential oil can be useful for pregnant women. It is type of essential oil which can be safe for pregnancy. People can combine black pepper, sweet marjoram, and chamomile essential oils for dealing with sore leg muscles as well as back pain which can be suffered often by pregnant women.

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6. Spearmint

Pregnancy can cause nausea and for comforting this condition in pregnant women, people can try to mix spearmint and ginger essential oils. To get the immediate relief, the combination can be used in the personal inhaler. This essential oil will also be great for treating fatigue and giving energy zip with other essential oils combination.

7. Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is also safe for pregnant women. It can be used for relieving nausea, heartburn, as well as indigestion which become common problems for pregnant women. They just need to combine the peppermint essential oil with ginger essential oil.

8. Lemon

Nausea and vomiting can be a hard time which must be faced by many pregnant women during their early pregnancy period. It can be really tiring and frustrating at the same time. Nevertheless, they do not have to worry because those symptoms can be relieved with the help from lemon essential oil. It comes with fresh scent just like grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils.

9. Bergamot

Of course pregnant women have to make sure that they keep their body healthy because it can be very tricky for being sick during pregnancy. They need to treat the sickness but they have to be careful with the medication because chemical ingredients in the medication can bring danger to the baby. It is better for them to avoid the sickness from the very first time. It can be done by using combination of bergamot as well as frankincense essential oils. It is useful for fighting the illness and also eliminating the dangerous germs. People can also use the essential oil combination for treating the chest congestion.

10. Ylang Ylang

Pregnancy can be a happy event but sometimes it is normal for pregnant women to feel down. There is no need to worry because they can use the great benefits from ylang ylang essential oil. It is useful for boosting the spirits. People can also use lavender, geranium, citrus, and chamomile essential oils for mood booster during pregnancy.

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